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Reeltime Myth Makers, Drama and Documentary DVDs

From the Worlds of Doctor Who come the unique and acclaimed Reeltime Pictures documentary and drama DVDs, including Myth Makers, the definitive series of interviews with the cast and production staff from classic Doctor Who - hosted by Nicholas (the voice of the Daleks) Briggs, plus other unique spin-off dramas and documentaries. All these titles are recorded on DVD-R format.



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Myth Makers: Stewart Bevan

default ? On Order £9.99

Release Date 26 October 2018

Stewart Bevan is an actor, best known for his performances in both film and television. His film credits include: Burke & Hare, The Flesh and Blood Show, Steptoe and Son Ride Again, The Ghoul, Brannigan and House of Mortal Sin. He is well known for playing Professor Clifford Jones, love interest to popular companion Jo Grant, in the 1973 Doctor Who serial The Green Death.


Myth Makers Stuart Fell

stuartfell ? In Stock £9.99

STUART FELL was born in Morecambe, Lancashire in 1942. His father served in the RAF and STUART'S childhood was spent in various British bases around Europe. After spending time in the Army and becoming a physical training instructor, STUART left the forces to pursue a career as a stuntman and stunt arranger. He soon joined the DOCTOR WHO stunt team and has one of the longest credit lists of anyone who has appeared in the programme....over 27 that we know of! Either as a stuntman,fight arranger or alien monster, STUART has fought, crawled, slithered or fallen through more plot holes than you care to mention.




Myth Makers Sylvester McCoy

mmmcoybig ? In Stock £9.99

During a non-stop trek around the location for the DOCTOR WHO story BATTLEFIELD, SYLVESTER gives us a tour of his life and career. As ever, NICHOLAS BRIGGS is there to ask the right questions - but this time he's so enthralled by SYLVESTER's incredible story that he has to rely on emergency questions supplied by his ACE production assistant SOPHIE ALDRED! And which famous, splendid, military fellow from DOCTOR WHO awaits the team at journey's end for a quick pint? Find out in a production that's every bit as entertaining as SYLVESTER McCOY himself!




Myth Makers Target Books Team

mmtargetbig ? In Stock £9.99

Rare convention footage from the 1980's revealing the inside story of the Target Book range.

Also contains rare convention footage of Ian Marter talking about his role as Harry Sullivan and his novels in the Target Book range including Harry Sullivan's War.




Myth Makers Telos Publishing

telos myth ? In Stock £9.99

This profile of Telos Publishing follows their story from the beginning to the present day. It features interviews with writers including Kim Newman and Stephen Gallagher




Myth Makers Terry Molloy

mmmolloybig ? In Stock £9.99

"DAVROS...he's the most physically uncomfortable job I think I've ever done. That chariot was made out of 2 by 4 timber, with 2 twelve volt car batteries on the back, mounted on a supermarket trolley!" TERRY MOLLOY has appeared in two of the most iconic programmes in Britain, one on radio and the other on television. The characters he played had something in common...they both only had one eye! Firstly there was MIKE TUCKER in THE ARCHERS and secondly there was DAVROS in DOCTOR WHO. In this MYTH MAKERS, TERRY discusses his career and how two such radically different roles have come to play such a large part in his life. Including organising THE ARCHERS fan club, ARCHERS ADDICTS, and starring in a charity theatre production of THE TRIAL OF DAVROS




Myth Makers Timothy Combe

timcoome ? In Stock £9.99

"From my point of view, and not because I directed him, but I did always feel that JON PERTWEE was the best DOCTOR WHO." TIMOTHY COMBE joined the BBC in 1963 as an Assistant Floor Manager and steadily moved "up the ranks" to become the last BBC Staff Director in 1970. He went on to direct over 50 network productions, including Z CARS, THE DOCTORS, ANGELS, THE NEWCOMERS, THE BROTHERS, BALLET SHOES (which won a BAFTA and Emmy), GOLDEN SOAK and of course the DOCTOR WHO stories THE SILURIANS,THE MIND OF EVIL and a bit of EVIL OF THE DALEKS. IN this MYTH MAKERS, TIM talks about working as an AFM and PA on DOCTOR WHO, how he becames friends with WILLIAM HARTNELL, working with PATRICK TROUGHTON and JON PERTWEE, directing DOCTOR WHO and what he's been doing since leaving the BBC. As a bonus feature, this disc features a panel from PanoptiCon 9 featuring TIM, BARRY LETTS and TERRANCE DICKS!




Myth Makers Tom Baker

MMS BAKER T.jpg ? In Stock £9.99

“The Doctor will never change. He may grow old and fade away, but he will always be the same … so the fun is – how do you colour that?”


Ask DOCTOR WHO fans who their favourite Doctor is and the majority are likely to name TOM BAKER’s portrayal above all others.


Much of TOM’s popularity has been fuelled by his reticence to appear in public to discuss his time in the programme. Little is actually known about the man or his memories of being the longest running Time Lord troubleshooter!


At last this has changed. In an exclusive interview with NICHOLAS BRIGGS, at the location used for THE ANDROID INVASION, TOM discusses frankly his life and career.




Myth Makers: Trevor Martin

myth_makers_trevor_martin.jpg ? In Stock £9.99

Trevor Martin was perhaps best known for playing the Doctor on stage at the Adelphi Theatre, London in Doctor Who and the Daleks in the Seven Keys to Doomsday. In the 1974 play he essayed the role of an alternate Fourth Doctor, a role he reprised in a 2008 audio adaptation of the play from Big Finish Productions.


Previously Martin appeared in Doctor Who as a Time Lord in the 1969 serial The War Games opposite Second Doctor Patrick Troughton and later guested in the 1993 Doctor Who radio play The Paradise of Death alongside Third Doctor Jon Pertwee and the 2003 Doctor Who audio drama Flip-Flop alongside Seventh Doctor Sylvester McCoy.


Television credits are many ranging from the 1960s to the present day and include Sherlock Holmes, Jackanory, Van der Valk, Z-Cars, Special Branch, The Onedin Line, Coronation Street, Inspector Morse and The Bill. He has also been seen recently appearing as Mr Giddings in an episode of Call the Midwife.


Myth Makers Tristram Cary

mm tristram cary.jpg ? In Stock £9.99

Tristram Cary was born at Oxford in 1925 to parents immersed in the academic world.

He studied music, interrupted by service in the Royal Navy during the Second World War, and was one of the early pioneers of tape recording music.

During the 1950’s he was one of the few composers at the cutting edge of electronic music. In 1963, he provided the perfect musical complement to Terry Nation’s script for The Mutants – his abrasive, searing score brought the Dalek’s world to life and played a large part in the success of Doctor Who.

Here, in a rare interview, Tristram tells us about those early days working in electronic music and the other Doctor Who scores he worked on.

And Tristram also reveals the highlights of a career that’s included major concert works, plus film, television, radio and books. Over fifty years of creative endeavour, including a move to teaching music in Adelaide, Australia in the 1970’s.

An amazing man with an amazing talent…


Myth Makers Verity Lambert

mm lambert.jpg ? In Stock £9.99

Directly involved in creating the very basis of the programme’s success and steering it through the first years of production.

In this rare interview, Nicholas Briggs chats to Verity about the challenges and limitations involved in producing such a technically difficult programme in the early 1960’s and the behind-the-scenes struggles she faced to get Doctor Who on air the way she believed it should be.

This is a Myth Makers every Doctor Who fan should have.




Myth Makers Victor Pemberton

mm pemberton.jpg ? In Stock £9.99

Victor Pemberton’s association with Doctor Who is long and varied. As extra, writer, script editor, producer and novelist, he is in a unique position to comment on the programme’s successes and failures – and he’s prepared to do just that!

Victor certainly wouldn’t claim credit for writing the dramatic links in this Myth Makers, where he encounters a strange bewildered Nicholas Briggs and the even stranger source of a ‘plopping’ noise. In fact, this is the culmination of the ultimate kitchen sink drama – just what is outside the window?

This Myth Makers combines two interviews with Victor, the first shot on location at his country home in Essex and the latest at studios in London.



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