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Reeltime Myth Makers, Drama and Documentary DVDs

From the Worlds of Doctor Who come the unique and acclaimed Reeltime Pictures documentary and drama DVDs, including Myth Makers, the definitive series of interviews with the cast and production staff from classic Doctor Who - hosted by Nicholas (the voice of the Daleks) Briggs, plus other unique spin-off dramas and documentaries. All these titles are recorded on DVD-R format.



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Myth Makers: Lisa Bowerman

myth_makers_lisa_bowerman.jpg ? In Stock £9.99

Lisa Bowerman trained at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School and has worked extensively in major theatres throughout the country in productions including The Rivals, La Ronde, The Constant Wife, Ghosts, I Have Been Here Before, Relatively Speaking, Moll Flanders, The Comedy Of Errors, An Ideal Husband and Blithe Spirit, Rick’s Bar, Casablanca and Cavalcade. Tours have included Hay Fever, Blood Brothers and, most recently, a lost J.B. Priestley play The Roundabout at The Park Theatre, London - which has also had a run as part of the Brits off Broadway season in New York.


Television credits include Casualty, The Vision Thing, The Count of Solar, McCallum, Bad Girls, Night & Day, Doctors, Spooks, Hollyoaks and Coronation Street.


Lisa has recorded many plays for BBC Radio, plus independent radio and audio drama productions, which, in some cases, she has also directed!


As Doctor Who fans know, Lisa starred in the 1989 Doctor Who story Survival … but it’s her portrayal of Professor Bernice “Benny” Summerfield for the last 20 years in Big Finish audio dramas that Doctor Who fans know her best for!


Lisa chats to Robert Dick about her life and career, the importance of “Benny” in her life and her other career as a photographer!


This is an extended version of the interview that will appear on THE DOCTORS: THE SYLVESTER McCOY YEARS


Myth Makers Louis Marks

louismarks ? In Stock £9.99

Louis Marks began his career in television writing for Sapphire Films' THE ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD. This led to a longer stint as script editor and writer on the crime drama NO HIDING PLACE. In 1970 he joined the BBC as a freelance script editor. While working his way "up" to producer, Louis wrote four Doctor Who stories; PLANET OF GIANTS, DAY OF THE DALEKS, PLANET OF EVIL and MASQUE OF MANDRAGORA.

More recently, Louis has concentrated on producing drama, his impressive credits include; THE LOST BOYS, THE CRUCIBLE, MIDDLEMARCH, SILAS MARNER, DANIEL DERONDA and LOVING based on the novel by Henry Green.




Myth Makers Mark Strickson

mm strickson.jpg ? Out of Stock £9.99

When TURLOUGH first appeared alongside PETER DAVISON's Doctor in MAWDRYN UNDEAD he was out to kill him - not the best start as a DOCTOR WHO assistant!


But over the next ten stories MARK STRICKSON managed to steer this most complicated of characters through an equally intricate series of storylines to become a firm favourite with fans.


Given MARK's ability to deal with challenges, it's lucky he's with NICHOLAS BRIGGS as they return to the location used for THE AWAKENING.


Because while chatting about MARK's career and his time in DOCTOR WHO they are pursued by an echo from the past - and it's getting closer!



Myth Makers Mat Irvine

Myth Makers mat irvine.jpg ? In Stock £9.99

Now working freelance with his own production company, Mat Irvine’s career began with BBCtv News at Alexandra Palace and progressed to the Visual Effects Department in West London, where he worked on such classic science fiction programmes as Doctor Who and Blake’s 7.

But as Mat will tell you, science fiction is only one area visual effects are required for – factual, light entertainment and comedy programmes were the bread and butter of the department.

Over the years Mat has amassed a diverse collection and, in this treasure trove of a Myth Makers, we get to see what’s in his attic!




Myth Makers Matthew Waterhouse (SIGNED)

myth_makers_matthew_waterhouse.jpg ? In Stock £9.99

"Going from CASTROVALVA to FOUR TO DOOMSDAY to KINDA...those stories are all very distinctive, all very different to each other...and all really effective in different ways"


MATTHEW WATERHOUSE is best known for playing the alien teenage mathematician ADRIC in two seasons of the original run of DOCTOR WHO, the youngest companion in the history of the series.


In the years since, he has continued to work extensively as an actor in the theatre and in DOCTOR WHO and DARK SHADOWS for BIG FINISH. He is also the author of five books, including a bestseller about DOCTOR WHO and a collection of stories SUGAR.


In this MYTH MAKERS, ROBERT DICK takes MATTHEW back to the locations used for the DOCTOR WHO story BLACK ORCHID and delves deep into this rich history, bringing out an evocative and candid interview about working on classic DOCTOR WHO


Region Free


Myth Makers: Michael Jayston

default ? On Order £9.99

Release Date 23 November 2018

In 1986, Jayston played the role of the Valeyard in Doctor Who. In the serial The Ultimate Foe, the Valeyard is revealed to be a manifestation of the Doctor's dark side. He later reprised the part of the Valeyard in He Jests at Scars..., Trial of the Valeyard, and The Sixth Doctor: The Last Adventure, audio plays released by Big Finish Productions.


Myth Makers: Michael Keating

Myth_makers_michael_keating.jpg ? In Stock £9.99

Michael Keating's acting career began in 1966. One of his first notable roles was as Goudry in a 1977 Doctor Who story, entitled The Sun Makers. Just over a month later, he first appeared in the role of Vila Restal in Blake's 7. Vila Restal was the only character to appear in all fifty-two episodes of the series. In 1981, Michael appeared in an episode of the BBC sitcom Yes Minister entitled The Death List, playing the role of Police Constable Ross.


Some years later Michael Keating reunited with his Blake's 7 co-star Gareth Thomas, in an episode of the BBC drama series Casualty. In 2004, he returned to the Doctor Who franchise, guest starring as Major Koth in the Big Finish Productions audio adventure The Twilight Kingdom. In 2006, he starred in another Doctor Who audio adventure, this time as Inspector Chardalot in Year of the Pig. In 2009, he had a brief role in the BBC one-off drama Micro Men about the rise of the British home computer market in the late 1970s and early 1980s.


This is an extended version of the interview which will feature as part of the Blakes Seven compilation disc out in September.


Myth Makers Mike Tucker

mm tucker.jpg ? In Stock £9.99

Mike Tucker started in the effects business in 1985, when he joined the BBC VFX Department as a holiday relief assistant. Thirty years later, he is now Director and Effects Supervisor of The Model Unit, a visual effects company based at Ealing Film Studios that specialises in miniature sequences for television and film.

Mike has been recognised twice by the BAFTA Craft awards. He was also nominated for a Primetime Emmy for his work on Dangerous Film’s ‘Human Body – Pushing the Limits’.

In this fascinating Myth Makers, Mike talks to Nick Briggs about his career, the changing world of Visual Effects and the amazing variety of film and television productions he has worked on, including Tomorrow’s World, Last of the Summer Wine, Top of the Pops, Galloping Galaxies, The Singing Detective, Raging Planet, Twister Week, Timewatch, Surviving Disaster, the feature film Atonement and, of course, Red Dwarf and Doctor Who




Myth Makers Music and Sound Team

musicandsoundteam ? In Stock £9.99

One of the great benefits that filming DOCTOR WHO conventions can bring is, on occasion, an irreplaceable moment in history. At the Doctor Who Appreciation Society's PanoptiCon 7, held at Imperial College, London in 1986, two legends from the music and sound production of Doctor Who appeared on stage. Composer DUDLEY SIMPSON and Special Sound creator DICK MILLS were interviewed about their working relationship on DOCTOR WHO that spanned 15 years. As a bonus, also included on this disc is another panel with DICK MILLS, including MARK AYRES, DOMINI GLYNN and KEFF McCULLOCH from PanoptiCon 9




Myth Makers Nicola Bryant

mm nicola bryant.jpg ? In Stock £9.99

Undoubtedly, Nicola Bryant’s portrayal of Perpugilliam Brown has become one of the most popular assistants in the history of Doctor Who.

When Nicholas Briggs first talked to Nicola in 1985, Doctor Who had been cancelled (for the first time) and its future was uncertain.

Eleven years later in 1996, they met again to discuss her last season in the programme and life after Doctor Who.

Both interviews are combined in this Myth Makers, giving us a fascinating insight into Nicola’s evolving life and career.




Myth Makers Nigel Robinson

mm robinson.jpg ? In Stock £9.99

Nigel Robinson has a longstanding association with the prose side of Doctor Who. He was Editor near the end of the Target novelisation range in the 1980s when he also wrote a trio of Quiz Books, a Crossword Puzzle book and several novelisations of Doctor Who stories.

This made him one of only three authors to write for the Target novelisation range without any previous connection to either the writing of scripts or production of Doctor Who.

Nigel went on to write two early novels in the Virgin New Adventures original fiction series, as well as numerous short stories. His most recent contributions to the franchise have been scripts for the Big Finish and BBC audio dramas and books.

Aside from Doctor Who, Nigel has (so far!) written more than 60 fiction and non-fiction books and is today based in London working as a freelance editor and writer of fiction and journalist for several lifestyle magazines.

Not much to talk about then … !

DVD-R Region 0


Myth Makers Peter Bryant Team

mm peter bryant team.jpg ? In Stock £9.99

This Myth Makers special features The Peter Bryant Team (featuring Peter Bryant, Morris Barry, Derek Martinus and Victor Pemberton) interviewed on stage at the Doctor Who Appreciation Society PanoptiCons, held at Imperial College In London.

Some of these major contributors to the early days of Doctor Who have since, sadly, passed away and so these panels are a unique chance to see them and hear their views.

A very special Myth Makers…

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