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BBC Radio Collection Classic Soundtracks

Featuring many "missing episodes" from the BBC TV series with linking narration and unique radio and other audio productions of Doctor Who.

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Doctor Who At The BBC 2009 Legend Reborn

alegendreborn.jpg ? Out of Print £13.99

A fascinating volume of interviews and behind-the-scenes features from the worlds of Doctor Who, as first featured on BBC radio and television. Featuring the voices of David Tennant, Catherine Tate, Billie Piper, Christopher Eccleston, Kylie Minogue, Freema Agyeman, Russell T Davies, Julie Gardner, Phil Collinson and many others, this is a retrospective look at the return of Doctor Who to our screens in 2005, following the story up to 2008 and the impending departure of David Tennant as the Doctor.

A fascinating volume of interviews and behind-the-scenes features from the worlds of Doctor Who


Doctor Who at the BBC: Lost Treasures

lost treasures.jpg ? Out of Stock £13.99

Louise Jameson presents a time travelling journey behind the scenes of Doctor Who. Do you remember when the Fourth Doctor called in on Pete Murray's Open House? Or when Louise Jameson was menaced by a Dalek? Do you remember June Whitfield auditioning a Dalek? If not, now's your chance to catch up! Featuring rare recordings, this collection is full of gems. There are contributions from six lead actors - Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker, Sylvester McCoy, Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant and Matt Smith - plus co-stars Louise Jameson, Lalla Ward, Nicholas Courtney, Karen Gillan and Jenna Coleman, and production personnel including Delia Derbyshire, Peter Howell, Pennant Roberts, Russell T Davies and Steven Moffat. There are also features on the show's theme tune; the recovery of a lost TV episode; the cancellation of Shada and the legendary Blackpool exhibition, along with clips from a radio programme broadcast live from a Doctor Who convention!


Doctor Who At The BBC: The Plays

theplaysbig ? Out of Print £14.29


Doctor Who has provided the inspiration for many original radio plays. Now three are presented here: REGENERATIONS by Daragh Carville is a powerful play featuring appearances by Tom Baker and Sophie Aldred. BLUE VEILS AND GOLDEN SANDS by Martyn Wade focuses on Delia Derbyshire, the woman behind the Doctor Who theme tune. Finally, in DALEK I LOVE YOU by Colin Sharpe, one lad's Doctor Who obsession causes him to meet his dream girl....

Contains adult themes and language



Doctor Who at the BBC Volume 1

atthebbc ? Out of Print £14.29


A celebration of 40 years of Doctor Who on BBC radio. Including material unheard since its original broadcast. Such as a 1974 location report from Dartmoor, The Ed Stewart Show broadcast live from the Dr Who day at Longleat in 1983 and rare archive interviews with Terry Nation, Jon Pertwee, Douglas Adams, Mary Tamm and Tom Baker. Also includes vintage radio comedy sketches featuring Dr Who. Presented by Elisabeth Sladen and Nicholas Courtney.


Doctor Who At The BBC Volume 2

drwhoatthebbc2 ? Out of Print £14.29


Rare and previously unreleased Doctor Who radio archive material.
We hear from no less than seven of the first eight actors to play the Doctor on TV: Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy and Paul McGann all talk about what its like to play the role, and the effect it has had on their lives. The Doctors companions are also well featured, with Elisabeth Sladen, Louise Jameson, Matthew Waterhouse and John Leeson popping up in interviews recorded during their time on the programme.

The issue of violence in Doctor Who is discussed by producer John Nathan-Turner, writer Kit Pedler and some very angry parents; director Paul Joyce takes us behind the scenes on the series; and there's a plethora of news items about the Doctors many returns since 1989

2 x CD



Doctor Who At the BBC Volume 3

DWATBBC3big ? Out of Print £14.29


A third collection of rare footage of Doctor Who from the BBC Radio archive. Included is Whatever Happened to Susan Foreman? starring Jane Asher, Wavelength which goes behind the scenes on Doctor Who in 1985, Lalla Ward guesting on The Multi-Coloured Swap Shop, and Frank Bough interviewing Tom Baker, Mary Tamm and Carole Ann Ford for Doctor Who's fifteenth anniversary. In addition there is a very exclusive, surprise item from 1974 which has never been broadcast.

There are also news items bringing the Doctor Who story up to date with the arrival of the new series on our screens. Comedy comes courtesy of Dead Ringers, The Grumbleweeds and The Now Show.


Doctor Who: Travels In Time and Space

titbig ? In Stock £49.99

This superbly illustrated, limited edition tin contains the complete and unabridged readings of three classic Doctor Who novelisations, each read by William Russell. Doctor Who and the Daleks is the Doctor's first exciting adventure with the ruthless natives of the planet Skaro, and the book in which Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright join the Doctor and Susan aboard the TARDIS. Doctor Who and the Zarbi finds the TARDIS drawn to the eerie planet Vortis, on which the Doctor and his companions encounter a host of alien creatures including the Menoptera, the Animus and the Zarbi. In Doctor Who and the Crusaders, the scene of adventure is the 12th Century Holy Land, where the TARDIS crew encounters Richard the Lionheart in his war against the Saracens. Reader William Russell played Ian Chesterton in the original television series; this makes him a superb choice of reader for these classic, fondly-remembered books (published as Target Paperbacks in the 1970s). This is the first and only time these readings will be available on standard CD.


Dominators, The

dominators new ? In Stock £13.99

Featuring a bonus interview with narrator, Wendy Padbury

2 x CD



Enemy Of The World, The

enemy of the world new028.jpg ? In Stock £9.99

The Doctor is the double of Salamander - the instigator of "natural" volcanic disasters sweeping the world. Can the Doctor infiltrate Salamander's HQ and save the world from this would-be dictator?


With linking narration by Frazer Hines


2 x CD



Evil Of The Daleks, The

evilbig ? Out of Stock £16.99

The Doctor discovers that the Daleks are manipulating a time travel experiment in Victorian England for their own evil ends.

3 x CD



Faceless Ones, The

faceless ? Out of Print £13.99

When the TARDIS lands at Gatwick Airport, the Doctor is drawn into a web of intrigue and deception. The Doctor and Jamie must face a desperate group of faceless aliens - the Chameleons


Fifty Years of Doctor Who at the BBC

50 years at the bbc.jpg ? Out of Stock £100.00

Over 17 hours of features from BBC Radio and Television, from the 1960s to the present day, presented by Elisabeth Sladen, Anthony Head and Louise Jameson.


Volume 1: 30 Years and More

Volume 2: In the Hot Seat

Volume 3: Now and Then

Volume 4: The Plays

Volume 5: Project Who?

Volume 6: The Tenth Doctor

Volume 7: A Legend Reborn

Volume 8: Lost Treasures Celebrate 50 Years of Doctor Who at the BBC with this unique collection of behind-the-scenes interviews, set reports, lively discussions, comedy and drama, including items from Blue Peter, Woman's Hour, Today, Pete Murray's Open House, Nationwide, Newsbeat, I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue, Dead Ringers, The Now Show, Week Ending, PM and many more.


Featuring Freema Agyeman, Tom Baker, John Barrowman, Phil Collinson, Russell T. Davies, Peter Davison, Christopher Eccleston, Janet Fielding, Carole Ann Ford, Julie Gardner, Karen Gillan, Michael Grade, Anthony Head, Louise Jameson, John Leeson, Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann, Kylie Minogue, Steven Moffat, John Nathan-Turner, Terry Nation, Jon Pertwee, Billie Piper, Elisabeth Sladen, Matt Smith, Sarah Sutton, Mary Tamm, Catherine Tate, David Tennant, Patrick Troughton, Lalla Ward, Matthew Waterhouse, and many, many more.


Also includes the full-cast radio plays Regenerations by Daragh Carville, Blue Sands and Golden Veils by Martyn Wade and Dalek I Love You by Colin Sharpe, plus an extended version of BBC Radio 2's 2005 documentary Project Who?

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