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BBC Radio Collection Classic Soundtracks

Featuring many "missing episodes" from the BBC TV series with linking narration and unique radio and other audio productions of Doctor Who.

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Tomb of the Cybermen (Record Store Day Vinyl)

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"The Tomb Of The Cybermen" is a classic Doctor Who story from 1967 featuring the second Doctor Patrick Troughton. Never released on vinyl, the story is two hours long spread across 2LP heavyweight silver vinyl, and featuring newly commissioned gatefold artwork, sleevenotes and on set photos.


The Doctor faces the dreaded Cybermen in the digitally remastered soundtrack of the classic BBC TV story, with linking narration by Frazer Hines. It has legendary status amongst Whovians as the serial was believed lost for many years until discovered in Hong Kong in 1992. The action of The Tomb of the Cybermen follows directly on from that of the preceding serial The Evil of the Daleks, with the Doctor and Jamie welcoming the newly orphaned Victoria aboard the TARDIS. Commissioned as Doctor Who and the Cybermen Planet, this was the third encounter between the Doctor and his half-human, half-machine foes.


Twelve Angels Weeping (Audio CD)

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Release Date 11 October 2018

Twelve extraordinary Doctor Who stories, each featuring a monstrous villain from the Doctor Who world.


On every planet that has existed or will exist, there is a winter . . .


Many of the peoples of Old Earth celebrated a winter festival. A time to huddle together against the cold; a time to celebrate being half-way out of the dark.


But shadows are everywhere, and there are some corners of the universe which have bred the most terrible things, lurking in the cold between the stars.


Here are twelve stories - one for each of the Twelve Days of Christmas - to remind you that to come out of the darkness we need to go into it in the first place.


We are not alone. We are not safe. And, whatever you do: don't blink.


Written by popular children's author, and lifelong Doctor Who fan, Dave Rudden.


Warriors Of The Deep

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The complete soundtrack of the 1984 TV adventure with linking narration by and bonus interview with Janet Fielding.

2 x CD


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