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BBC Radio Collection Classic Soundtracks

Featuring many "missing episodes" from the BBC TV series with linking narration and unique radio and other audio productions of Doctor Who.

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Sensorites, The

sensorites ? In Stock £13.99

The original soundtrack of the 1964 Television Serial with linking narration by William Russell.

2 x CD



Silurians, The

silurians big ? In Stock £15.99

The complete TV soundtrack of the 1970 serial with linking narration by Caroline John. Also contains a bonus interview with Caroline John

3 x CD



Smugglers, The

smugglers ? Out of Stock £13.99

Can the Doctor, Ben and Polly prevent the fearsome pirate Captain Pike and his bloodthirsty henchmen from discovering the secret and whereabouts of Avery's treasure?

2 x CD



Space Museum, The

space museum ? In Stock £14.29

The original TV soundtrack, with new linking narration by Maureen O'Brien, this 4-part adventure from 1965 stars William Hartnell as the Doctor with William Russell, Jacqueline Hill and Maureen O'Brien as his companions Ian, Barbara and Vicki. The TARDIS travellers find themselves exhibits in a futuristic museum, somehow trapped in their own future. Soon they are entangled in a dangerous war between two factions.


Space Pirates, The

space pirates new029.jpg ? Out of Stock £14.99

Suspected of being space pirates, the Doctor, Jamie and Zoe risk asphyxiation, execution and explosion in an attempt to unmask the argonite thief and regain the TARDIS.


Original BBC soundtrack with linking narration by Wendy Padbury


Tenth Planet, The

tenthplanetcd ? In Stock £13.99


2 x CD



Tomb Of The Cybermen, The

tombcybbig ? In Stock £13.99

"Patrick Troughton stars in the digitally remastered soundtrack of a classic TV story, in which the dreaded Cybermen are released from their ice tombs on the planet Telos. The Doctor, Jamie and Victoria encounter a party of Earth archaeologists who are intent on uncovering the mythical 'tomb of the Cybermen'. Only the Doctor seems aware of the folly of this venture, but suddenly it's too late - the tomb is open, and the Cybermen are coming back to life...Trapped in a confined place with the Cyber Controller and his acolytes, can the humans avoid being turned into Cyber fodder? What's more, can the Cyber menace be made dormant before it spreads out to the galaxy once again? A member of the original cast will narrate the soundtrack, and a bonus interview will feature their recollections of making the serial.

2 x CD



TV Episodes Collection 6

collection 6.jpg ? In Stock £35.00

Classic Doctor Who adventures starring William Hartnell as the First Doctor - plus extra bonus material. These classic soundtrack adventures, with additional linking narration, have all been remastered and include bonus interviews with William Russell, Maureen O'Brien, Peter Purves and Anneke Wills.


The Sensorites: the Doctor and friends meet the alien Sensorites...The Romans: in first-century Rome, Ian and Barbara are sold into slavery and the Doctor encounters Nero...


The Space Museum: the Doctor and his companions see a terrible potential future...


The Ark: the Doctor, Steven and Dodo come face-to-face with the last humans and their servants, the Monoids...


The Gunfighters: 1881, Tombstone. The TARDIS crew are in trouble, as they try to avoid getting caught in the crossfire at the OK Corral...


The War Machines: The TARDIS lands in London in 1966 - only to find that the brand new Post Office Tower is home to a monstrous supercomputer.


Underwater Menace, The

underwatermenacebig ? Out of Stock £13.99

The Doctor, Jamie, Ben and Polly are kidnapped and taken to the city of Atlantis where the scientist Zaroff is planning to destroy the world by draining the ocean into the white hot core of the Earth. Jamie and Ben are taken to the mines and Polly must undergo an operation to become a fish worker. With only hours before disaster can the Doctor succeed in defeating Zaroff and save the world from destruction?


War Machines, The

war machines ? In Stock £13.99

The TARDIS returns to Earth in the present day. The Doctor detects strange vibrations coming from the newly erected Post Office Tower, and sure enough it is discovered to be the centre of operation for WOTAN, a super-computer with designs on taking over the world

2 x CD



Warriors Of The Deep

warriorsofthedeep big ? In Stock £13.99

The complete soundtrack of the 1984 TV adventure with linking narration by and bonus interview with Janet Fielding.

2 x CD



Web Of Fear, The

web of fear new031.jpg ? In Stock £14.99

A mysterious cobweb substance in the London Underground heralds the return of the Great Intelligence and its Yeti pawns

2 x CD


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