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An Adventure is Space and Time OST

adventure in space ost.jpg ? In Stock £13.99

Mark Gatiss' (League Of Gentlemen, Sherlock) highly acclaimed TV docudrama about the genesis of the Doctor Who TV series delighted die-hard fans and casual viewers on its BBC2 debut and swiftly received a second showing at Christmas. Film and TV composer Edmund Butt has had an extensive career as a writer, performer and producer winning Royal Television Awards for his score to Yellowstone and Garrow's Law. Film credits include The Dark and 24 Hours In London alongside TV work that includes Mistresses, Ashes To Ashes and The Suspicions Of Mr. Whicher. The booklet for this release is reversible to allow the display of a separate cover featuring alternative promotional material. "Making ''Adventure'' was a wonderful experience. The whole team were absolutely dedicated to the project, going the extra mile (or parsec) to create that smoggy early 60s world where so much seemed (and was) suddenly possible. And none more so than Edmund Butt whose gorgeous score is one of the highlights of the film. I've been completely overwhelmed by the response to the film. It was a very special project from the outset and I know Ed''s soundtrack will continue to thrill and delight for, well, the rest of space and time" - Mark Gatiss


1. Main Title - An Adventure in Space and Time

2. The Right Man

3. The First Woman Producer

4. I've Got an Idea...

5. The Daleks

6. Kill Dr. Who

7. What Dimension?

8. This Is My Show

9. Autograph Hunting

10. Sydney Newman

11. Scarlett O'Hara

12. Piss & Vinegar

13. Dressing Room

14. JFK Assassinated

15. The Tardis

16. Goodbye Susan

17. 10 Million Viewers

18. The Fans

19. I'm So Sorry, Bill

20. Kiss Goodbye

21. My Successor

22. Isop Galaxy

23. Irreplaceable

24. The New Doctor

25. Time's Up...


An Electric Storm: Daphne, Delia and the BBC Radiophonic Workshop

an electric storm.jpg ? In Stock £19.99

With extensive access to the Daphne Oram and Delia Derbyshire archives, and interviews with associates and members of the original BBC Radiophonic Workshop, this book contains all you need to know about the innovative and experimental geniuses who were responsible for a golden age of electronic music in Britain and some of the most famous sounds to be heard on UK television.


From the formative years before the Workshop was established right up to its dissolution in the late 90s, and unlikely rebirth today, all the history is here. Not only that, but author Ned Netherwood also provides the first ever in depth guide to the discography of the Radiophonic Workshop and its members.


Whether you are a Doctor Who fan who loves the theme tune, an experimental music enthusiast with an ear for abstract sound or an obsessive record collector, there is something for you here.


Paperback 224 pages


Classic Music Soundtrack: Caves of Androzani

caves of androzani cd.jpg ? In Stock £13.99

First time release for the music from this seminal 1984 Doctor Who adventure in which Peter Davison regenerated into the sixth doctor played by Colin Baker. A 2009 poll of Doctor Who magazine readers voted it the best story ever in the series. Roger Limb began his career at the BBC as a studio manager progressing to an announcer before joining the famed BBC Radiophonic Workshop. He had worked on seven Doctor Who stories before Androzani and this era gave him the opportunity to use new musical technology including the Fairlight Computer Music Instrument (CMI) to create rhythmic percussion figures and the Yamaha DX7, a landmark in the development of the synthesiser. This is the first release in a series of archive recordings from Silva Screen to celebrate the 50th anniversary of this most British of television series.



1. Doctor Who (Opening Theme) (00'39") 
2. Androzani Minor (01'46") 
3. Gun-Runners (00'59") 
4. Morgus and Chellak (01'06") 
5. Death Sentence (01'36") 
6. Sharaz Jek (01'49") 
7. Death Under the Red Cloth (02'10") 
8. Androids (00'50") 
9. Next Time It'll Be for Real (01'07") 
10. Nobody Lives for Ever (02'16") 
11. Spectrox (01'11") 
12. Salateen (00'32") 
13. Exile (01'06") 
14. Clever Little Android (00'44") 
15. Two Kilos, What a Deal (00'50") 
16. The Magma Beast (02'14") 
17. Blind Fools (00'34") 
18. Tear His Arms Out (02'37") 
19. Stage Three (01'54") 
20. Geostationary Orbit (01'43") 
21. The Girl Will Be Alone (01'00") 
22. Peri Abducted (01'28") 
23. Vertical Descent Pattern (00'32") 
24. It Could Have Been Worse (02'08")
25. Do You Think I'm Mad? (02'56") 
26. The Doctor Pursued (03'13") 
27. Mud Burst (01'58") 
28. Morgus and Stotz (01'03") 
29. Face Off (01'11") 
30. Morgus Kaput (00'37") 
31. Not Beaten Yet (01'21") 
32. Milk of the Queen Bat (07'04") 
33. Return to the TARDIS (00'50") 
34. Is This Death? (02'18") 
35. Doctor Who (Closing Theme) (01'20")



Doctor Who 50th Anniversary OST

50th anniversary ost.jpg ? In Stock £17.99

The most comprehensive collection of soundtracks from the classic cult TV show DOCTOR WHO ever assembled, this 4 CD set is a musical journey through time and a fascinating insight into the history and development of television music from experimental beginnings to today’s hugely popular orchestrated scores by Murray Gold. The CDs contain music from episodes featuring all 11 Doctors and feature music and special sounds from RON GRAINER / DELIA DERBYSHIRE / TRISTRAM CARY / DUDLEY SIMPSON / DON HARPER / CAREY BLYTON / MALCOLM CLARKE / GEOFFREY BURGON / PETER HOWELL / PADDY KINGSLAND / ROGER LIMB / JONATHAN GIBBS / ELIZABETH PARKER / DOMINIC GLYNN / KEFF MCCULLOCH / MARK AYRES / JOHN DEBNEY / MURRAY GOLD / BRIAN HODGSON / DICK MILLS and the BBC RADIOPHONIC WORKSHOP.

Disc 1 1. Doctor Who (Original Theme) 2. An Unearthly Child: Three Guitars Mood 2 3. An Unearthly Child – TARDIS Takeoff 4. The Daleks (The Dead Planet): Forest Atmosphere 5. The Daleks (The Dead Planet): Forest With Creature 6. The Daleks (The Dead Planet): City Music 1 and 2 7. The Daleks (The Dead Planet): The Daleks 8. The Daleks (The Survivors) – Dalek Control Room 9. The Daleks (The Ambush): The Ambush 10. The Daleks – Capsule Oscillation (Dalek Destructor Fuse / Bomb Countdown) 11. The Edge of Destruction – Explosion, TARDIS Stops 12. The Keys of Marinus – Sleeping Machine 13. The Chase – Dalek Spaceship Lands 14. The Chase – TARDIS Lands 15. Galaxy Four – Chumbley (Constant Run) 16. Galaxy Four – Chumbley at Rest 17. Galaxy Four: Marche (Les Structures Sonores) 18. The Daleks’ Master Plan (The Nightmare Begins): A Strange Sickness 19. The Daleks’ Master Plan (Destruction of Time): Growing Menace 20. The Gunfighters: Excerpts from ‘The Ballad of the Last Chance Saloon’ 21. The Tenth Planet: Space Adventure Part 2 22. The Macra Terror – Heartbeat Chase 23. The Macra Terror – Chromophone Band 24. The Macra Terror – Propaganda Sleep Machine 25. The Tomb of the Cybermen – Sideral Universe 26. The Tomb of the Cybermen – Space Time Music Part 1 27. The Web of Fear – Space Time Music Part 2 28. Fury from the Deep – Mr. Oak and Mr. Quill (Incidental Music) 29. The Wheel in Space – Cyberman Stab & Music 30. The Wheel in Space – Birth of Cybermats 31. The Wheel in Space – Interior Rocket (Suspense Music) 32. The Dominators – Galaxy Atmosphere 33. The Mind Robber – Zoe’s Theme 34. The Invasion: The Dark Side of the Moon 35. The Invasion: The Company 36. The Krotons – Machine and City Theme 37. The Krotons – Kroton Theme 38. The Seeds of Death: Titles 39. The Seeds of Death: Ice Warriors Music 40. The War Games – Time Lord Court 41. Doctor Who (New Opening, 1967 – full version) 42. The Mind of Evil: The Master’s Theme 43. The Mind of Evil: Hypnosis Music 44. The Mind of Evil: Dover Castle 45. The Mind of Evil – Keller Machine Appears and Vanishes 46. The Mind of Evil: Keller Machine Theme 47. The Claws of Axos – Copy machine tickover 48. The Claws of Axos: The Axons Approach 49. Music from ‘The Sea Devils’ 50. Music from ‘The Mutants’ 51. Music from ‘Frontier in Space’ Episode 1 52. Music from ‘Death to the Daleks’ 53. Planet of the Spiders – Metebelis III Atmosphere


Disc 2 1. Doctor Who Opening Title Theme 2. The Ark In Space – Nerva Beacon Infrastructure and TMat Couch 3. Music from “Revenge of the Cybermen” 4. Terror of the Zygons: The Destruction of Charlie Rig 5. Terror of the Zygons: A Landing in Scotland 6. Terror of the Zygons: The Zygons Attack 7. Music from “The Android Invasion” Episodes 3 and 4 8. The Brain of Morbius – The Planet Karn 9. The Seeds of Doom: Antarctica – The First Pod 10. The Seeds of Doom: Get Dunbar! / Krynoid On The Loose 11. The Masque of Mandragora – The Mandragora Helix 12. Music from “The Invasion of Time” Episodes 3 and 4 13. Doctor Who Closing Titles (40″ Version) 14. Doctor Who 1980 (Opening Titles) 15. The Leisure Hive: Into Argolis 16. Full Circle: K9 on a Mission 17. The Keeper of Traken: Nyssa’s Theme 18. Logopolis: It’s The End… 19. Doctor Who 1980 (Closing Titles) 20. Castrovalva 21. Four to Doomsday: Exploring the Lab 22. Earthshock – March Of The Cybermen 23. Mawdryn Undead 24. The Five Doctors 25. Warriors of the Deep 26. Resurrection of the Daleks 27. The Caves of Androzani (Alternative Suite) 28. Doctor Who Theme (1980 – Full Version)


Disc 3 1. The Twin Dilemma 2. The Mark of the Rani 3. The Two Doctors 4. Timelash 5. Revelation of the Daleks 6. Doctor Who 1986 7. The Trial of a Time Lord: The Mysterious Planet 8. The Trial of a Time Lord: Terror of the Vervoids 9. The Trial of a Time Lord: The Ultimate Foe 10. Doctor Who 1987 11. Music from ‘Time and the Rani’ 12. Delta and the Bannermen: “Here’s to the Future” 13. Music from ‘Dragonfire’ 14. Music from ‘Remembrance of the Daleks’ 15. Music from ‘The Greatest Show in the Galaxy’ 16. Music from ‘Battlefield’ 17. Music from ‘The Curse of Fenric’ 18. Music from ‘Survival’ 19. “…and somewhere else, the tea’s getting cold” (from ”Survival”) 20. Prologue: Skaro / “Doctor Who” Theme 21. “Who Am I?” 22. The Chase (Original Version) 23. “Open the Eye” 24. Farewell 25. End Credits / “Doctor Who” Theme


Disc 4 1. Doctor Who Theme – TV Version 2. Doctor Who: Series 1 – Rose’s Theme 3. Doctor Who: Series 2 – Doomsday 4. Doctor Who: Series 3 – All The Strange Strange Creatures (The Trailer Music) 5. Doctor Who: Series 3 – Martha’s Theme 6. Doctor Who: Series 3 – Boe 7. Doctor Who: Series 3 – The Doctor Forever 8. Doctor Who: Series 3 – This Is Gallifrey: Our Childhood, Our Home 9. Doctor Who: Series 3 – Donna’s Theme 10. Doctor Who: Series 4 – Song Of Freedom 11. Doctor Who: Series 4-The Specials – The Master Suite 12. Doctor Who: Series 4-The Specials – Four Knocks 13. Doctor Who: Series 4-The Specials – Vale Decem 14. Doctor Who: Series 5 – I Am The Doctor 15. Doctor Who: Series 5 – The Mad Man With A Box 16. Doctor Who: Series 5 – Amy’s Theme 17. Doctor Who: Series 6 – Melody Pond 18. Doctor Who: Series 6 – The Wedding Of River Song 19. Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol – Abigail’s Song (Silence Is All You Know) 20. Doctor Who: Series 7 – Towards The Asylum 21. Doctor Who: Series 7 – Together Or Not At All – The Song Of Amy And Rory 22. Doctor Who: Series 7 – Up The Shard 23. Doctor Who: Series 7 – The Long Song


Doctor Who Original TV Soundtrack: Series 1&2

news_drwho ? In Stock £13.99

Features Murray Gold's version of the Doctor Who theme, plus many of his various incidental scores from Series 1 and 2.

The Divine Comedy's Neil Hannon contributes a version of Song for Ten (from last year's Christmas special) and Love Don't Roam, which will feature in the Runaway Bride.

Also included is the much-requested Doomsday - the song that played during Rose's trip to Bad Wolf Bay in Episode 13 of Series 2.

Other tracks include Cassandra's Waltz, Harriet Jones, Prime Minister, plus the themes specially created for the Doctor and Rose.


Doctor Who Original TV Soundtrack: Series 3

s3soundtrack ? In Stock £13.99

Music Scores from Series 3 of Doctor Who composed and performed by Murray Gold with the BBC National Orchestra Of Wales.


Doctor Who Series 11 OST

doctor_who_series_11_ost.jpg ? In Stock £15.99

Bigger and bolder than ever, Series 11 marks the arrival of the Thirteenth Doctor, award-winning actress Jodie Whittaker. - a super-smart explorer of the universe, alongside a team of new friends and delightful characters. The new series heralds a brand-new era for Doctor Who, full of action and adventure, humour and heart - an unmissable high-end drama everyone will enjoy. Segun Akinola is a multi-talented composer who has strengthened many projects with his musical acumen and is a BAFTA Breakthrough Brit.Segun's work includes scoring BBC Two's landmark four-part series Black and British: A Forgotten History, written and presented by Historian David Olusoga.


1. Series 11 Opening Titles

2. Getting That Bike

3. Long Story

4. This New Nose Is So Unreliable

5. The Warrior

6. Sonic Screwdriver

7. The Doctor 

8. You Really Need To Get Out Of Those Clothes 

9. Three Suns 

10. Make It Through Those Ruins 

11. My Beautiful Ghost Monument 

12. Missing You 

13. Insurance Policy 

14. My Fam 

15. Tsuranga 

16. Resus One 

17. Kerblam 

18. Help In Dispatch

19. Ranskoor Av Kolos

20. The Shrine

21. Keep Your Faith


Disc: 2 

1. Thirteen

2. Get Out That Door

3. Parks, Rosa Parks

4. Artron Energy

5. This Is Very Bad News 

6. Fishing Take Down 

7. Stand Up Now 

8. A Living Icon For Freedom 

9. Umbreen

10. Thijarian Hive

11. I Love You Nani 

12. Yaz And Nani End Credits 

13. King James 

14. Tendril 

15. Morax 

16. Reverse The Polarity 

17. Made A New Friend 

18. Rebuilt 

19. Me And My Mates 

20. Series 11 End Credits


Doctor Who Series 5 OST (soundtrack) CD

sountrack series 5.jpg ? In Stock £13.99

Murray Gold's music from series 5


Doctor Who Series 7 OST

series 7 ost.jpg ? In Stock £13.99

1 They Are Everywhere

2 Save Us

3 Dalek Parliament

4 Oswin Oswald

5 Towards The Asylum

6 A Probe In The Snow

7 Amy And Rory Together

8 The Terrible Truth

9 Dinosaurs On A Spaceship / Pterodactyls

10 Brian

11 Take A Ride On Tricey

12 Make Peace

13 Welcome To Mercy

14 Out West

15 Gunslingers

16 The Salvation Of Kahler Jex

17 Our Little Town’s Prosecutor

18 Cubes

19 While We Waited

20 Brian’s Log

21 New York New York

22 I Am You

23 Melody Malone

24 Little Angels

25 My Husband’s Home

26 Hide The Damage

27 Almost The End

28 Together Or Not At All - The Song Of Amy And Rory

29 Goodbye Pond

30 Cumbria 1207

31 Monking About

32 Spoonheads

33 Clara?

34 A Turbulent Flight

35 Bah Bah Biker

36 Up The Shard

37 I Might Change My Mind




1 The Leaf

2 Something Awesome

3 Market Day

4 Merry Gejelh

5 God of Akhaten

6 The Speeder

7 Never Wake

8 The Long Song

9 Infinite Potential

10 Always You, Never A Replacement

11 Cold War

12 Skaldak

13 I Am A Ghost

14 A Machine That Makes Machines

15 Crimson Horror

16 Sweetville

17 Thomas Thomas

18 Hedgewick's World

19 Tiberian Spiral Galaxy

20 Upgrade In Progress

21 The Dream Of Cyberia

22 What A Brain

23 Can’t Win

24 Your Orders Come From Me

25 Other Good News

26 The Impossible Girl

27 Cyber Amy

28 The Emperor’s Wife

29 Some Wednesday

30 To Save The Doctor

31 A Letter To Clara

32 What Is His Name?

33 A Secret He Will Take To His Grave

34 Trenzalore

35 I Am Information

36 Pain Everlasting

37 Remember Me


Doctor Who Series 8 OST

series 8 ost.jpg ? In Stock £15.99

Doctor Who: Series 8 will be the first soundtrack release of music from the twelfth Doctor Who, Peter Capaldi, featuring the new Doctor’s theme A Good Man? (Twelve’s Theme). This 3 disc set also includes the music from the episode Last Christmas and an extensive 24 page booklet with notes from Murray Gold. The score is performed by the BBC National Orchestra of Wales, Murray Gold (computer instruments, guitars and synths) and conducted by Ben Foster and James Shearman.


Doctor Who Survival Original Music Soundtrack

survival_ost.jpg ? In Stock £13.99

Prolific composer Dominic Glynn is closely associated with the 1980s era of Doctor Who. A major creator of production music his work can also be heard in hundreds of film and TV productions worldwide as diverse as The Simpsons, Red Dwarf and Dead Like Me. Transmitted in late 1989, Survival marked the end of an era for Doctor Who, the final series from a continuous 26 year run. A few tracks from the series appeared on the Doctor Who 50 compilation but the rest are all previously unreleased.


1. Doctor Who (Opening Theme) - Keff McCulloch

2. Car Wash, With Kitling

3. Tin Cans, Stray Cats And Horses

4. Cat Food

5. Where Is Everyone?

6. Tin Opener

7. Park Chase, And The Alien Planet

8. An Unexpected Pleasure

9. Planet Of The Cheetah People

10. Two Pints

11. Playing With Fire

12. Valley Of Cats

13. The Living Planet

14. We Shall Become Animals

15. Ace And Karra

16. Go Home

17. I Will Be Free Of It

18. Come Hunting, Sister

19. Midge And The Bad Cat Man

20. On Horsenden Hill

21. Tooth And Claw

22. Run For Ever

23. "...And Somewhere Else The Tea's Getting Cold"

24. Doctor Who (Closing Theme) - Keff McCulloch


Doctor Who The Daleks Original Music Soundtrack

the_daleks_ost.jpg ? In Stock £13.99

A pioneer in the field of electronic music, Tristram Cary served as a wartime naval officer specialising in radar and electronics. He combined a career at the cutting edge of experimental music with works for cinema (The Ladykillers), television and radio. The Daleks made their debut in Doctor Who just before Christmas 1963 and Cary's music was composed to script as a number of atmospheric pieces for specific scenes and situations. These were then played live into the studio recording, alongside effects tracks. This release of the soundtrack expands on a previous issue and includes music from all seven episodes plus unreleased material and extended cues.


1. Doctor Who (Original Theme) - Delia Derbyshire And The BBC Radiophonic Workshop

2. Forest Atmosphere

3. Skaro: Petrified Forest Atmosphere ("Thal Wind") - Brian Hodgson And The BBC Radiophonic Workshop

4. Forest With Creature

5. City Music 1 & 2

6. Thing In Jungle

7. TARDIS Computer - Brian Hodgson And The BBC Radiophonic Workshop

8. City Music 3

9. Dalek City Corridor - Brian Hodgson And The BBC Radiophonic Workshop

10. The Daleks

11. Radiation Sickness

12. Dalek Control Room - Brian Hodgson And The BBC Radiophonic Workshop

13. The Storm 1 & 2

14. The Storm Continued (Susan Meets Alydon)

15. Inside The City

16. What's Inside A Dalek

17. The Fight

18. The Ambush

19. Fluid Link

20. Rising Tension

21. Demented Dalek

22. The Swamp

23. The Cave 1

24. Barbara Loses The Rope

25. High Sound And Heartbeats (Antodus And Ganatus)

26. Pebble Dropped

27. Captive Of The Daleks

28. Heartbeats (Antodus Falls)

29. The Cave II

30. Capsule Oscillation (Dalek Destructor Fuse/Bomb Countdown) - Brian Hodgson And The BBC Radiophonic Workshop

31. Explosion/TARDIS Stops - Brian Hodgson And The BBC Radiophonic Workshop

32. Five Explosions

33. The Ambush (Loop)

34. Funeral Chords

35. Funeral Chords (Alternative)

36. Funeral Chords (Loop)

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