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Compact Discs

A huge range of CDs from full dramatisations, talking books, music soundtracks and radio dramas.



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Doctor Who Monthly Dramas 51 -100


CDs 51 to 100 in the range of original full cast audio dramas


Eighth Doctor Seasons

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A series of audio adventures starring Paul McGann. All our DVDs and CDs are POST FREE to UK addresses.


Eleventh Doctor Audios

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New audio adventures for the 11th Doctor and his companion, as played by Matt Smith and Karen Gillan in the hit BBC One TV series.


Faction Paradox and Kaldor City CDs

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FACTION PARADOX is a series of original dramas featuring the Faction Paradox created by Lawrence Miles, a powerful race of Time manipulators existing in an alternative universe.

KALDOR CITY is a CD series combining writer Chris Boucher's worlds of Doctor Who and Blakes 7.


Fourth Doctor Audios

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A range of new audio adventures starring Tom Baker as The Doctor


Gallifrey Series

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Tales of intrigue and political manoeuvring from the seat of Time Lord power. Join Romana, Leela and K9 as they find enemies on all sides in a delicate game with the fate of Gallifrey hanging in the balance.


Interview and Autobiography CD

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A range of interviews and autobiography on audio


Jago and Litefoot

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Jago and Litefoot is an audio series from Big Finish Productions. The stories involve Henry Gordon Jago and George Litefoot, characters first introduced in The Talons of Weng-Chiang, solving mysteries involving paranormal or alien phenomena in 1880s London.

Christopher Benjamin, Trevor Baxter and Conrad Asquith reprise their roles as Jago, Litefoot, and PC Quick (now a sergeant). They are joined on the regular cast by Lisa Bowerman as barmaid Ellie Higson and Toby Longworth as Doctor Tulp.


Professor Bernice Summerfield

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One-time Doctor Who companion from the Virgin novel range, Lisa Bowerman is Professor Bernice Summerfield in a series of exciting original dramas on CD.


Sherlock Holmes

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Sherlock Holmes comes to audio


Signed CDs


A range of CDs with signed covers or inserts


Soundtrack and Music CD

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Soundtrack and music CDs.

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