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Myth Makers: David Fisher

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Release Date 7 August 2015

Category: Reeltime Myth Makers, Drama and Documentary DVDs

David Fisher wrote the scripts for four serials of Doctor Who. He first contributed The Stones of Blood and The Androids of Tara during that show's sixteenth season, and The Creature from the Pit for the seventeenth season. He was also working on a story called "A Gamble with Time," also for the seventeenth season, but was unable to finish the scripts due to his divorce proceedings from his first wife. That story was reworked and completed by then script editor Douglas Adams and then producer Graham Williams, and was recorded and broadcast as City of Death under the pseudonym of David Agnew. His final Doctor Who story was season eighteen's The Leisure Hive.


He novelised both The Leisure Hive and Creature from the Pit[3] for the Target book range of Doctor Who novelisations, and appeared extensively on the interview features accompanying the DVD release of the former story. He was also interviewed for a documentary accompanying the DVD release of City of Death.


Fisher's other work for television has included writing for the television series Dixon of Dock Green, Crown Court, Hammer House of Horror and Hammer House of Mystery and Suspense.


Myth Makers Virgin Publishing - Dr Who Books

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Release Date 7 August 2015

Category: Reeltime Myth Makers, Drama and Documentary DVDs

"In the 1990s Virgin Publishing was one of the few media companies keeping the DOCTOR WHO flame alight during, what has been termed, “the wilderness years.”

During this time, Doctor Who Books publisher, Peter Darvill-Evans, held regular gatherings of his writers to brainstorm new ideas.

In 1993, Reeltime Pictures was at The Conservatory bar in Central London to film one of these events, as the first step in making a Myth Makers about Virgin Publishing. They never completed the Myth Makers … until now.

Combined with a new interview with Peter, here are the highlights of that evening … an evening that had two special moments … an announcement and an anniversary…"


The Gods of Winter

gods of winter cd.jpg ? On Order £10.99

Release Date 13 August 2015

Category: Twelfth Doctor Audio

A brand new, original adventure for the 12th Doctor and Clara, as played on BBC TV by Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman. Exclusive to audio, the story is the first of four that are linked by a story arc featuring members of the Winter dynasty.

Read by Clare Higgins who played Ohila in the mini-episode Night of the Doctor


Lethbridge-Stewart: The Schizoid Earth

schizoid earth.jpg ? On Order £8.99

Release Date 14 August 2015

Category: Original Doctor Who Novels

Lethbridge-Stewart was supposed to be in the mountains of the east. Things didn't quite go according to plan.


On the eve of war, something appeared in the sky; a presence that blotted out the moon. Now it has returned, and no battle plan can survive first contact with this enemy.


Plagued by nightmares of being trapped in a past that never happened, Lethbridge-Stewart must unravel the mystery of a man ten years out of his time; a man who cannot possibly still exist.


Why do the ghosts of fallen soldiers still fight long-forgotten battles against living men? What is the secret of the rural English town of Deepdene? Lethbridge-Stewart has good reason to doubt his own sanity, but is he suffering illness or injury, or is something more sinister going on?


Cult Conversations DVD: Tom Adams

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Release Date 14 August 2015

Category: Cult Conversations DVD

TOM ADAMS has been acting for five decades, and taken in a vast array of iconic and popular British series. On television he has appeared in Doctor Who, The Avengers, The Persuaders and The Onedin Line amongst others, as well being a regular in medical soap opera Emergency Ward 10. On film he appeared opposite Steve McQueen in The Great Escape. A born raconteur, Tom has a cavalcade of entertaining anecdotes from his wide ranging career.


Classic Audio Book: Human Nature

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Release Date 21 August 2015

Category: Classic Audio Books

An unabridged reading of the 7th Doctor novel by Paul Cornell which formed the basis for the 10th Doctor television story Human Nature / The Family of Blood. Hulton College in Norfolk is a school dedicated to producing military officers. With the First World War about to start, the boys of the school will soon be on the front line. But no one expects a war – not even Dr John Smith, the college’s new house master…


The Doctor’s friend Benny is enjoying her holiday in the same town. But then she meets a future version of the Doctor, and things start to get dangerous very quickly. With the Doctor she knows gone, and only a suffragette and an elderly rake for company, can Benny fight off a vicious alien attack? And will Dr Smith be able to save the day?


Read by Lisa Bowerman


Blake's 7: Mediasphere (Novel)

mediasphere.jpg ? On Order £14.99

Release Date 28 August 2015

Category: Blake's 7

The Liberator crew infiltrate the Mediasphere, a space station which produces the Federation's propaganda and popular entertainment. But who is really controlling the Mediasphere - and scripting a series of deadly encounters for our heroes?


Written By: Kate Orman and Jonathan Blum


202: The Warehouse

the warehouse.jpg ? On Order £14.99

Release Date 28 August 2015

Category: Doctor Who Monthly Dramas 201 onwards

The Doctor and Mel land in what appears to be an orbiting warehouse, a delivery facility with a dangerously eratic computer.


Whilst Mel is helping with repairs, the Doctor begins to realise that not everything in the warehouse is as it seems. Why do no goods ever seem to leave the shelves? Why are the staff so obsessed with the stocktake? And who is the mysterious Supervisor?


On the planet below, the Doctor discovers that the computer might be the least of their problems – and that they should be more concerned with the spacestation's mould and vermin...


Cast: Sylvester McCoy (The Doctor), Bonnie Langford (Melanie Bush)



Fourth Doctor 4:8 Return to Telos

return to telos.jpg ? On Order £10.99

Release Date 28 August 2015

Category: Fourth Doctor Audios

The Doctor reveals to Leela that they’re heading for the planet Telos. And K9 has new masters...


On Telos, in the past, the Second Doctor and Jamie are exploring the ‘Tomb of the Cybermen’.


Meanwhile, the Cyber-Controller and Cyber-Planner consolidate their plans. Spare parts from Krelos are being used to construct a mighty Cyber army. The Doctor must be captured.


Out of control, the TARDIS tumbles down a chasm and the Doctor and Leela find themselves caught up in full-scale planetary invasion.


Cast: Tom Baker (The Doctor), Louise Jameson (Leela), John Leeson (K9), Frazer Hines (Jamie), Michael Cochrane (Geralk), Bernard Holley (Peter Haydon), Veronica Roberts (Relly), Nicholas Briggs (the Cybermen)


Iris Wildthyme Reloaded

wildthyme reloaded.jpg ? On Order £25.00

Release Date 28 August 2015

Category: Big Finish Mini-Series and Specials

Join trans-temporal adventuress Iris Wildthyme (Katy Manning) for a series eight brand-new half-hour episodes as she travels through time and space aboard her trusty double-decker bus, accompanied by her new friend Captain Turner!



2. DARK SIDE by Nick Campbell


4. MURDER AT THE ABBEY by Mark B. Oliver

5. THE SLOTS OF GIZA by Hamish Steele

6. HIGH SPIRITS by Cavan Scott




Written By: James Goss, Nick Campbell, Roy Gill, Mark B. Oliver, Hamish Steele, Cavan Scott, Scott Handcock and Paul Magrs

Directed By: Scott Handcock




Katy Manning (Iris Wildthyme), Geoffrey Breton (Captain Turner), Ian Hallard (Brian Bonamy/Inspector Greenock/Slot), Chris Rankin (Jack/Andy), Nicola Bryant (Maggie/Mabel), Lisa Bowerman (Joyce/Hilda), David Warner (Edward), Charlie Hayes (Cassie/Chloe), Toby Longworth (Rick/Mr Cane), Tracey Childs (Lady Fothergill/Nora), Stephen Fewell (Seth the Sensational/Tour Guide), Lizzie Hopley (Shelley), David Blackwell (Zane/Poker Dealer), Scott Handcock (Albertson/Barman)


The Omega Factor Series 1

omega factor 1.jpg ? On Order £30.00

Release Date 31 August 2015

Category: Cult Series Drama

Over thirty years have passed since Tom Crane left Department 7, a top secret organisation that investigates the paranormal.


Anne Reynolds now runs the operation, and for three decades their enigmatic nemesis Omega has been silent.


But that peace is about to be shattered. When Crane’s son Adam is drawn into Department 7, the past quickly catches up with Anne and her team…


The first box set comprises the following four episodes:

1: From Beyond by Matt Fitton

2: The Old Gods by Phil Mulryne

3: Legion by Cavan Scott

4: The Hollow Earth by Ken Bentley


Cast: Louise Jameson (Anne Reynolds), John Dorney (Adam Crane), Natasha Gerson (Morag), Alan Cox, Camilla Power, Terry Molloy, Kate Bracken


Anneke Wills In Focus (Paperback)

in focus pb.jpg ? On Order £14.99

Release Date 31 August 2015

Category: Autobiography

In Focus is a sumptuously illustrated collection of rare and previously unseen photographs chronicling the life and career of one of Doctor Who's best-loved icons, Anneke Wills.


Originally released in May 2012 as a limited edition hardback, the original print run sold out within weeks and became an instant collector's item. Now, owing to overwhelming demand, we are proud to present an expanded, reimagined deluxe paperback version.


Presented over more than a hundred pages are a plethora of intimate family portraits, and images from classic series such as The Avengers, Strange Report, The Saint and, of course, Doctor Who, in which she played the trail-blazing first sexy assistant, Polly.


With contributions from a wide selection of colleagues and friends.

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