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Tom Baker at 80

tom baker at 80.jpg ? On Order £9.99

Release Date 10 October 2014

Category: Interview and Autobiography CD

In January 2014, Tom Baker celebrated his 80th birthday.

On March 19th, Tom sat down with Nicholas Briggs to look back over his 80 amazing years - his youth, his early acting career, his great success with Doctor Who and beyond… and his return to his most famous role with Big Finish.

This candid and intimate interview forms two fascinating hours of engaging entertainment in the unique company of Mr Baker.



tardis tray.jpg ? On Order £14.99

Release Date 10 October 2014

Category: Clothing and Household Accessories

40 x 28cm melamine tea tray



tardis mat.jpg ? On Order £19.99

Release Date 10 October 2014

Category: Clothing and Household Accessories

Durable door mat with a rubber non-slip base

40 x 57cm


TARDIS Bookends

tardis bookends.jpg ? On Order £39.99

Release Date 10 October 2014

Category: Classic, New Series and Cult TV Gifts

A pair of resin TARDIS bookends. 17cm high


Children of the Stones Audio read by Gareth Thomas

children of the stones cd.jpg ? On Order £15.99

Release Date 15 October 2014

Category: Cult Series Drama

Adam Brake, a professor of astrophysics, and his teenage son Matthew, arrive in Milbury, an English village surrounded by a stone circle. Adam has been commissioned to investigate the residual magnetism of the stones, but he and Matthew soon begin to realise that this is no ordinary village….


Based on the classic television series starring Gareth Thomas and Freddie Jones, this is the original novelisation, published for the first time in 35 years.


Jeremy Burnham and Trevor Ray are both actor-writers. ‘Children of the Stones’ for HTV was their first collaboration, closely followed by ‘Raven’ and the children’s novel ‘Mystery of the Tower’.


Jeremy’s writing credits include ‘The Avengers’, ‘Paul Temple’, ‘When the Boat Comes In’, ‘Minder’, ‘C.A.T.S. Eyes’ and ‘Inspector Morse’ to name but a few.


A stalwart of the National Theatre and the BBC Radio Drama department in both capacities as Actor and Writer, Trevor is best known to fans of Cult Television for his work on Doctor Who in 1969/70.


Scarifyers 9: The King of Winter

king of winter.jpg ? On Order £11.99

Release Date 17 October 2014

Category: Scarifyers

Midsummer, 1938. When a train porter is frozen to his living room chair (then nearly crowned Miss Croydon), MI-13’s Harry Crow (David Warner) and Professor Dunning (Terry Molloy) are on the case. But what links the unfortunate porter to the equally glaciated peer-of-the-realm, Lord Trumpley? MI:13’s investigations lead them to exclusive gentleman’s establishment, The Tartarus Club, whose membership appears to be rapidly dwindling.


What is the secret of the Tartarus Club? Why are the villagers of Thornton Gibbet afraid of a 300-year-old ghost? And why is it snowing in June?


As everlasting winter sets in, Crow and Dunning find themselves pitted against their greatest foe yet… THE KING OF WINTER


David Warner as Harry Crow

Terry Molloy as Professor Dunning

Guy Henry as Charles Blackthorn

David Benson as Alexander Caulfield-Browne and Reverend Spicer

Stephen Critchlow as Prince George and Sir Reginald Flash

Lisa Bowerman as Dr Crook and Miss Lewis Smith

David Bickerstaff as Lord Huntingdon and Roger Dillcock

Alex Lowe as Hartley and King George VI


The Secret Lives of Monsters

secret lives of monsters.jpg ? On Order £20.00

Release Date 23 October 2014

Category: Doctor Who Reference Books

Ignorance is not bliss. It is the alien invader's greatest advantage.

Tales of unearthly beings have long circulated among us, from legends of intelligent life on Earth before Homo Sapiens to conspiracy theories about what really happened at the Battle of Canary Wharf. But the truth is that alien life exists - and here, at last, is proof.


Based on exclusive access to classified government files, The Secret Lives of Monsters collects evidence that has been suppressed for centuries - notes from clandestine meetings, reports of eyewitness accounts, never-before-seen images and documents, secrets provided by a mysterious agent known only as 'the Doctor', and more. It reveals all we know about aliens who are already here, and provides essential information to survive future invasions.


So don't panic. You are not weaponless. The Secret Lives of Monsters will give you the greatest weapon of all: knowledge.


Collected Comics: The Blood of Azrael

azrael008.jpg ? On Order £13.99

Release Date 24 October 2014

Category: Doctor Who Comics and Collected Comics

Five linked stories from acclaimed writer Scott Grey featuring the Eleventh Doctor and Clara


192: The Widow's Assassin

widows assassin.jpg ? On Order £14.99

Release Date 30 October 2014

Category: Doctor Who Monthly Dramas 151 onwards

Once, long ago, in a land of monsters and corridors, a fair maiden was captured, and placed in a deep sleep.

She was used to being captured, and she had a hero who rescued her on just such occasions. But this time the hero never came.

And the fair maiden slept on.

Eventually, a King rescued the maiden, and made her his bride, which many wise old women might that tell you is just another way of capturing fair maidens.

And still the fair maiden slept on.

Then, the hero had another stab at rescuing the maiden from her prison, but he was too late. And, more importantly, he had
forgotten the rules of fairy tales.

He didn’t slay the dragon.


Written By: Nev Fountain
Directed By: Ken Bentley


Colin Baker (The Doctor), Nicola Bryant (Peri), Tim Chipping (Constable Wolsey/Mandrake), John Banks (Baron Pteratrark/Guard Two), Andrew Dickens (Reverand Flitamus/Guard One), Fiona Sheehan (Princess Dirani), Glynn Sweet (Harcross The Ever-Patient/Pheen-Tu/Flunkey)


Lalla Ward: Time Capsule

lalla time capsule.jpg ? On Order £10.99

Release Date 31 October 2014

Category: Autobiography

Time Capsule is a celebration of Lalla Ward's adventures as the intrepid Time Lady Romana in Doctor Who, designed and edited by Paul W.T. Ballard.


This collection contains remembrances from Lalla herself on each of her stories, alongside a vast wealth of visual material. Included inside are photographs from filming and photocalls, reproductions of beautiful costume designs from June Hudson and Doreen James, as well as stunning original artwork by top Doctor Who artists Alister Pearson and Andrew Skilleter.




Cult Conversations DVD: Valerie Leon

cc leon.jpg ? On Order £11.99

Release Date 31 October 2014

Category: Cult Conversations DVD

VALERIE LEON's career in acting straddles three Pantheons of cult cinema. As part of the Carry On franchise she lit up the screen in no less than seven movies. She smouldered in James Bond opposite both Sean Connery and Roger Moore, and played the lead in the infamously cursed Hammer film Blood From The Mummy's Tomb. Statuesque, empowered and iconic, this is the story of one of Britain's best loved stars.


Cult Conversations DVD: Tom Adams

cc adams.jpg ? On Order £11.99

Release Date 31 October 2014

Category: Cult Conversations DVD

TOM ADAMS has been acting for five decades, and taken in a vast array of iconic and popular British series. On television he has appeared in Doctor Who, The Avengers, The Persuaders and The Onedin Line amongst others, as well being a regular in medical soap opera Emergency Ward 10. On film he appeared opposite Steve McQueen in The Great Escape. A born raconteur, Tom has a cavalcade of entertaining anecdotes from his wide ranging career.

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