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Daphne Ashbrook

Graced by Daphne Ashbrook...

Saturday 28 August 2004

Daphne Ashbrook made her first ever UK public appearances in August 200, visiting Galaxy Four to meet Doctor Who fans old and young.


Daphne did not disappoint the crowds, finding time to chat and pose for photographs- even clambering into a Special Weapons Dalek! She was a charming and generous guest to the store.

Hyde Fundraisers also attended the event and entertained the crowds as Cybermen, Hieronymous, a Special Weapons Dalek, 4th Doctor, 5th Doctor and other Doctor Who characters.

A signed photo of Daphne as Grace is still available to mail order customers as a limited edition- Visit the miscellaneous section and go to autographed items for details on how to order.

John Levene

Sergeant Benton recruited from the USA...

Saturday 20 March 2004

Another of UNITs finest joined us for a special signing event at the Galaxy Four Store on 20th March. John appeared throughout the Jon Pertwee era and again in Terror Of the Zygons and The Android Invasion with the fourth Doctor, Tom Baker.

As John now lives in Hollywood this was a very rare opportunity to meet him and he didn't disappoint!

John is a real entertainer and attracted the largest number of attendees to date with his charismatic personality and barrage of non-stop jokes and stories. For 4 hours he entertained the crowds and signed autographs almost non-stop.

Photos show John surrounded by Cybermen in the G4 exhibition and signing autographs in-store.

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