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Hyde Fundraisers in Cambridge

19/20 March 2011

Saturday 19 March 2011

Hyde Fundraisers' display and Virtual Photo Studio proved a great success at the Cambridge Science Festival raising over £4000 for their nominated charities. Colin Baker was on hand to sign photos and meet the crowds whilst Galaxy Four was pleased to attend with a great selection of Doctor Who goodies. A great day was had by all. Well done to Hyde Fundraisers for giving so freely of their time for such worthy causes.

The Doctor Who Experience, Olympia

Reveiwed by Justin Thomas

Tuesday 01 March 2011

Wow!!  To write a small review on the delights held within Olympia 2, London is very difficult - I could quite happily write a few pages worth!

The DWE is in short, THE BEST DW EXHIBITION ever!!!  If only we had had these sort of exhibitions in Blackpool in the 70s and 80s! 

I cannot possibly tell you all too much about the actual experience itself as that would spoil it for any of you off to visit it.  What I can tell you, is that the plot is sound and it is extremely well thought out, designed and a masterpiece in theatrical entertainment.  It is all geared for children of course with Matt Smith's Doctor encouraging them every step of the way to take part in the story, but for us more serious fans (hehe) its just as thrilling.  The story starts in a space museum and take as much opportunity as you can to spot several items including the swimming pool cleaner from Paradise Towers, the control spheres used to animate the Yeti, the Smilers.....and then brilliantly the magic begins.  The TARDIS materialises in front of you (oh yes it does) and oh! my! God! You walk through the Police Box doors .... and - no!! I can't say any more.

This experience is just that - and it is marvelous.  Everyone will enjoy this, I promise you and the climax of the story .... oooooooooo fab stuff - beautifully done.
The exhibition itself is a treat covering as much of the series life as possible.  I am sure that by now, you will know as to what is included, but I can only reiterate that this exhibition is more akin to the recent travelling exhibitions more than the older Blackpool/Longleat days and I, for one, am grateful that we as fans are trusted with some of the now rare and expensive props as they are not behind glass and can be studied and admired close up and in true detail - gorgeous.

For me stand-outs had to be the absolute thrill of seeing all the console rooms - the 2005-10 version took my breath away - it really does have to be seen to be believed, but just standing on that gridwork provided this 41 year old with a rush of delight that I havent had since I saw the Blackpool exhibition version when I was 6.  From 1983-89 is the sophisticated version of the console room debuted in the 'Five Doctors' and this again is just superb to see - its like being reunited with an old friend and the fact thats its fully operational with the rotor rising and falling and the console twinkling away really brings the memories rushing back.... it seems like only yesterday. 

As for the rest of the exhibition, monsters galore (highlight has to be the K1 robot now fully restored to his full mighty glory rather than how he used to look in Blackpool).  You can learn to walk like a Cyberman or a scarecrow and listen to the secrets of the infamous DW sounds ....
All in all, this DW Experience is a must see.  It is well worth the money and the trip to London and I cannot recommend it enough.  I may see you there!! hehe


All Exhibition photos copyright Justin James Thomas

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