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Directed by Douglas Camfield

directed by douglas camfield.jpg ? In Stock £17.99

Category: Autobiography

Douglas Camfield is still regarded as a master of his craft; a television director who made numerous memorable episodes of shows such as Doctor Who, Blake’s 7, The Nightmare Man and The Sweeney. During his career, which spanned twenty years and 163 productions, Camfield worked on many popular and groundbreaking series of their day, such as Public Eye, Shoestring, Van der Valk, Z Cars and Paul Temple, not to mention many long since forgotten and lost productions. His work is frequently cited as the best of any series he worked on.


Camfield passed away in January 1984. He was 52.


Towards the end of his life, he recreated the past with the romantic chivalry of Ivanhoe and tales of honour in African deserts with Beau Geste. His productions frequently topped the ratings charts, including his final serial, Missing From Home.


Camfield the man is no less interesting than his work. Adopted by an army family, he chose television over the military, and rose from the cutting room floor to become one of the new wave of BBC directors, determined to prove the potential of the medium and take it further away from its roots in theatre and radio and into cinema. He became the go-to man to help launch new and exciting series which in some cases shaped the future of television on both the BBC and ITV.


Told with help from his friends and family, Directed By Douglas Camfield is the story of a man who commanded the love, loyalty, respect and commitment from his cast and crews, how he overcome seemingly insurmountable hurdles, including his health, and who took risks with his career in order to achieve his goals.


Blake's 7 Maximum Power

maximum_power.jpg ? In Stock £10.00

Category: Blake's 7

A is for Avon, Z is for Xenon Base.


MAXIMUM POWER! is a new (well, it was 5 years ago) Blake’s 7 programme guide telling the full untold story (aside from all the other books) most of which we made up, about this fantastic, ridiculous, fun and silly BBC TV hit series.


What you can’t learn from this book you could fit in a matchbox. Spray it silver. Stick a ping pong ball on it. Some staples. The nozzle from a glue bottle. Tie a bit of string to the top, dangle it from a light fitting and call it a Zeta Class pursuit ship .


With a foreword from second Federation trooper on the left (uncredited) Harry “Aitch” Fielder, this book is set to break new sales records for Blake’s 7 merchandise. We might just shift more than twenty of them.


Authors: Matthew West, Robert Hammond, Chris Orton, Andy Davidson, Phil Ware and Andrew Orton .




A Peculiar Effect on the BBC - Bernard Wilkie

peculiar_effect.jpg ? In Stock £17.99

Category: Autobiography

‘It was an exciting period and Jack and I were there from the beginning. We were there when Television Centre was still only a rubbish dump and Lime Grove was as famous as Hollywood. We were the first designers to work at Ealing Studios and were certainly the first effects men ever to be employed in British television.’ Bernard Wilkie


Bernard Wilkie is a pioneer in the world of visual effects. Along with Jack Kine he co-founded the BBC’s Visual Effects Department in 1954. Between them they worked on too many BBC productions to list, but they included Doctor Who, Out of the Unknown, Quatermass, Monty Python’s Flying Circus, and Some Mothers Do ‘ave ‘em. Bernard passed away in 2002, having written this book in the late 1990s.


A Peculiar Effect on the BBC is his memoir that looks back on his career as a whole, covering each programme in detail with a light, but still educational, and often cautionary tone.


Whether it’s trying to make a smoke gun, encase an Ice Warrior in a block of ice, create a Loch Ness Monster or simply come up with a way of presenting a photo collection on screen utilising only one studio camera, Bernard and Jack rose to the occasion – often choking, soaking and terrifying their colleagues in the process. And almost all of these effects had to be done live – the pressure was on!


Bernard also talks in detail about the BBC taking over Ealing Studios and the construction of the now-defunct Television Centre. For anyone interested in the history of television, this is a fascinating eye witness account.


Foreword by visual effects designer Mat Irvine and afterword by visual effects designer Mike Tucker.


This is a new, paperback edition. Owners of the previous hardback edition should note that there is NO new content in the new edition.


A Brief History of Time Lords

a brief history of timelords.jpg ? In Stock £12.99

Category: Doctor Who Reference Books

The Time Lords are an immensely civilised, and immensely powerful, race. Yet we know very little about them, save that they can live forever (barring accidents) and possess the secrets of space and time travel. Their history has been shrouded in myth and mystery. Until now.


A Brief History of Time Lords unlocks the secrets of this ancient, legendary alien race - a civilisation that inflicted some of its most notorious renegades and criminals on the universe, but was also the benevolent power that rid the cosmos of its most fearsome enemies. Drawn from the ancient records of Gallifrey, and handed down from generation to generation, this remarkable book reveals the Time Lords in all of their guises: pioneers and power-mad conspirators, time-travellers and tyrants, creators and destroyers.


Be careful who you share it with.


Seventh Doctor Collected Comics: Emperor of the Daleks

emperor of the daleks.jpg ? In Stock £14.99

Category: Doctor Who Comics and Collected Comics

Emperor of the Daleks collects together stories by leading writers and artists, from the highly acclaimed comic strip in Doctor Who Magazine.Includes a wealth of exclusive, brand-new material revealing how the strips were created, featuring contributions and commentary from the writers and artists.


Doctor Who Magazine 512

dwm_512.jpg ? In Stock £5.99

Category: Doctor Who Magazine

Issue 512 of Doctor Who Magazine includes an exclusive interview with guest star David Suchet who plays the enigmatic Landlord in this weeks episode Knock Knock…

I suppose I so became so associated with Poirot, but when they invited me to Doctor Who, I said yes before I'd even read the script!


Because it's Doctor Who! It's the most iconic series, even more so than Poirot. To have that opportunity was the greatest privilege.




DWM previews the next four episodes of the new series: Knock Knock, Oxygen, Extremis and The Pyramid at the End of the World.


Interviews with Frank Cottrell-Boyce, the writer of Smile, and Sarah Dollard, the writer of Thin Ice.


Lawrence Gough, the director of The Pilot and Smile talks to DWM about his work on the new series.


Bill Potts makes her comic strip début in the first part of the new comic adventure by Scott Gray, with art by Martin Geraghty.


This issue’s Fact of Fiction delves into the 1966 story The Ark, which took the Doctor, Steven and Dodo into the far future.


DWM reviews the latest TV episodes (The Pilot, Smile and Thin Ice) as well as audio and DVD releases in the world of Doctor Who.


Previews of all the latest Doctor Who CD and book releases.

PLUS! All the latest official news, the Watcher's column, competitions and the DWM crossword!



Lethbridge-Stewart Novella: The Life of Evans

life of evans novella.jpg ? In Stock £12.99

Category: Lethbridge-Stewart Novels and Audios

Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart never could work out what to do with Evans. He never got on with the troops, was always shirking responsibility. So a reassignment to Imber was in order, and a whole new training programme under the watchful eye of Captain Younghusband.


Things seemed to be working out, Evans even made a new friend in the shape of Private Tommy Godber, but things soon take a sinister turn when Evans finds himself the prisoner of a strange alien intelligence. The spearhead of a new invasion. But before it continues in its plan, the alien seems oddly curious about the life of Evans…


Includes bonus short story, Time and Again, by Robert Mammone. This is a sequel to the 1985 Doctor Who television serial Timelash and prequel to the forthcoming spin-off series, Travers & Wells.



PanoptiCon: Genesis

Panopticon_genesis.jpg ? In Stock £9.99

Category: Reeltime Myth Makers, Drama and Documentary DVDs

Reeltime Pictures return to Broomwood Road Church Hall in Battersea for a reunion with organisers, attendees and guests from the first ever Doctor Who convention in 1977


Organised by the Doctor Who Appreciation society, Convention '77 was ground breaking, featuring star appearances from the then current Doctor, TOM BAKEr with his latest assistant LOUISE JAMESON and former Doctor JON PERTWEE. Together with autograph sessions, a display of props, a visal effects lecture by MAT IRVINE and talks by TERRANCE DICKS and producer GRAHAM WILLIAMS this convention set the tone for the future and led directly to the legendary DWAS PanoptiCons of the 1980s and 1990s.


40 years later, stars, guests, fans and organisers returned to the church hall to reminisce about that special day...what they expected and what they experienced. They evaluate its importance...what it started...and what it led to.


Film and video cameras were too expensive to record the event, so Reeltime Pictures have scoured fans' archives to uncover a treasure trove of material to illustrate this fascinating production about a unique event in Doctor Who history.


Classic Audio Book Planet of Giants

classic audio planet of giants.jpg ? In Stock £20.00

Category: Classic Audio Books

When the TARDIS lands in England in 1963, Doctor Who and his companions are confronted by gigantic insects who are dying from exposure to DN6, a pesticide with the power to destroy all life forms.


An unabridged reading of the Target book.


Lost Magic, The (12th Doctor Audio)

lost magic.jpg ? In Stock £10.99

Category: Twelfth Doctor Audio

An original audio story featuring the 12th Doctor, as played on TV by Peter Capaldi. Duration: 1 hour 10 mins approx


5" Classic Action Figure: Fourth Doctor - Pyramids of Mars

fourth_doctor_pyramids_of_mars.jpg ? In Stock £29.99

Category: Classic Series Doctor Who Action Figures

Classic Series Action Figure

The 4th Doctor : 1974-1981

From 'The Pyramids of Mars' 1975

Includes Time Control Panel and Sonic Screwdriver


'THE PYRAMIDS OF MARS'. The TARDIS is forced off course by a malevolent power and lands in the England of 1911. In a Victorian priory, the Fourth Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith discover murders are being committed by sinister cloth-wrapped Mummies. Far away in a pyramid in Egypt, Sutekh - last of the Osirians - has been imprisoned for centuries by his brother Osiris. Sutekh takes over the mind and body of an archaeologist and plans to break free to destroy the past, present and future.




5" Classic Action Figure: Fourth Doctor Regenerated

fourth_doctor_regenerated.jpg ? In Stock £29.99

Category: Classic Series Doctor Who Action Figures

In his final adventure, the Third Doctor is exposed to a massive dose of deadly radiation while battling the giant spiders of Metebelis III. Later, after getting lost in the Time Vortex, the TARDIS brings him back to UNIT headquarters where, with Sara Jane, another Time Lord named Cho-Je, and the Brigadier watching over him, he regenerates once more. This Doctor Who Fourth Doctor Regenerated action figure stands about 5-inches tall and presents the Fourth Doctor as he first appeared, newly regenerated at the end of "Planet of the Spiders."

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