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Doctor Who Magazine 2015 Yearbook

2015 yearbook.jpg ? In Stock £5.99

Category: Dr Who Magazine Specials

The latest Special Edition of Doctor Who Magazine reviews an incredible year for the programme, its spin-offs and licensed merchandise. Highlights include the magazine's first major interview with the show’s executive producer, Brian Minchin, in which he reflects on Peter Capaldi’s first year as the Doctor and looks forward to further adventures with the twelfth Doctor.


Editor Marcus Hearn said:

This is the Doctor Who Magazine almanac. We’ve taken a fresh look at every episode from Peter Capaldi’s first series, but we’ve also explored many other corners of the Doctor Who universe. For many fans, the television series is just part of a world that includes DVDs, Blu-rays, books, soundtrack albums, audio dramas and action figures. We’ve tried to reflect the last 12 months in all those different areas.


Also inside the 100 page issue:

Features on every episode in Peter Capaldi’s first series.

We speak to the team that accompanied Capaldi and Jenna Coleman on the Doctor Who World Tour.

Fourth Doctor Tom Baker discusses his return to television and audio Doctor Who.

Eighth Doctor Paul McGann reveals what he thinks about Capaldi’s Doctor.

Orchestrator and conductor Ben Foster previews the 2015 Symphonic Spectacular.

Inside the new ‘making of’ show, Doctor Who Extra.

Behind the scenes at the new Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff.

Interviews with some of the key players behind recent books, soundtracks, audio dramas, DVDs, Blu-rays and action figures.

Highlights from the year’s newspaper and magazine reviews of Doctor Who.

A round up of Doctor Who’s awards and honours from the last 12 months.

Detailed tributes to the Doctor Who luminaries who passed away in 2014.

...and much more!


Fifth Doctor Cricket Sweater

cricket sweater.jpg ? In Stock £49.99

Category: Clothing and Household Accessories

The Fifth Doctor Cricket Sweater is made from 100% Acrylic, based on the original design which debuted in Davison's first story, Castrovalva.

Officially licensed



tardis tray.jpg ? In Stock £14.99

Category: Clothing and Household Accessories

40 x 28cm melamine tea tray


Justyce Served - A Small Start with a Big Finish -with bonus CD-ROM

justyce served.jpg ? In Stock £29.99

Category: Cult Titles



By Alun Harris and Matt West

In 1984 a group of Doctor Who fans began a project which would continue for another decade and eventually lead to much greater things.

Audio Visuals: Audio Adventures in Time & Space were a non-profit, fan endeavour creating full-cast audio Doctor Who drama. 27 plays later the majority of the creative team would go on to be involved with Big Finish, an officially licensed range of Doctor Who audio dramas.

For many fans Audio Visuals  seem almost canon. Nicholas Briggs was our Doctor. We remember the Daleks’ destruction of Gallifrey before it even happened on TV. We supported our Doctor through drug addiction, companion-loss and the horror of Justyce.

This book is a guide to those days. .

With contributions from Nicholas Briggs, Gary Russell, Nigel Fairs, John Ainsworth, John Wadmore, Alistair Lock, Patricia Merrick, Richard Marson, Nigel Peever, Jim Mortimore, Andy Lane, Chris M Corney and no doubt many others between now and September, all wrapped up in a new cover by Tim Keable.

Celebrate Doctor Who fan creativity at its very best.


Doctor Who Magazine 481

dwm481.jpg ? In Stock £5.99

Category: Doctor Who Magazine

Head writer Steven Moffat unwraps this year’s Christmas Special, Last Christmas, and gives Doctor Who Magazine the lowdown on the Doctor’s face-off with Santa…


“I think I’m being pretty open that it’s Santa meets Alien meets The Thing from Another World meets Miracle on 34th Street,” Steven laughs. “It’s a weird mash up! There’s a base under siege, there are scary monsters. It’s one of the scariest Christmas Specials we’ve made, actually…”



· DWM talks exclusively to Santa himself, Nick Frost, along with his elf helpers, The Wolf and Ian, played by Nathan McMullen and Dan Starkey. Meanwhile, Michael Troughton, who plays Professor Albert, talks about making his television Doctor Who début, and his close family connection to the series.

· Rachel Talalay, director of this year’s phenomenal two-part finale, Dark Water and Death in Heaven, talks to DWM about the challenges of bringing this masterful Cyber-story to our screens.

· DWM comic strip artist Mike Collins goes back to the drawing board and reveals all about his new role as a storyboard artist for the latest television series of Doctor Who.

· Former showrunner Russell T Davies reveals new facts about 2007’s Voyage of the Damned in The Fact of Fiction!

· 2014 gave us a new series and a fantastic new Doctor, and DWM looks over the past 12 months with the Review of 2014!

· The first part of a brand-new comic strip for the Twelfth Doctor and Clara as they embark on a wartime desert adventure in The Instruments of War, written and illustrated by Mike Collins.

· The intrepid Time Team passes comment on 2008’s festive Cyber-Special The Next Doctor.

· It may be Christmas, but Steven Moffat still has time to answer readers’ questions in his exclusive column.

· Jaqueline Rayner compiles her Christmas wish-list for Relative Dimensions.

· The Watcher presents his annual Fiendishly Festive Christmas Quiz!

· Have your say on Peter Capaldi’s first series as the Doctor in the DWM Season Survey.

· Dark Water and Death in Heaven are put under the spotlight in The DWM Review.

· The Watcher goes back to the early days of Doctor Who merchandise in Wotcha!.

· The DWM Crossword, competitions, and much more!


Children of the Stones Audio read by Gareth Thomas

children of the stones cd.jpg ? In Stock £15.99

Category: Cult Series Drama

Unabridged reading by Gareth Thomas of the classic novel.


Adam Brake, a professor of astrophysics, and his teenage son Matthew, arrive in Milbury, an English village surrounded by a stone circle. Adam has been commissioned to investigate the residual magnetism of the stones, but he and Matthew soon begin to realise that this is no ordinary village….


Jeremy Burnham and Trevor Ray are both actor-writers. ‘Children of the Stones’ for HTV was their first collaboration, closely followed by ‘Raven’ and the children’s novel ‘Mystery of the Tower’. Jeremy’s writing credits include ‘The Avengers’, ‘Paul Temple’, ‘When the Boat Comes In’, ‘Minder’, ‘C.A.T.S. Eyes’ and ‘Inspector Morse’ to name but a few. A stalwart of the National Theatre and the BBC Radio Drama department in both capacities as Actor and Writer, Trevor is best known to fans of Cult Television for his work on Doctor Who in 1969/70.


12 Doctors 12 Stories

12 DOCTORS.jpg ? In Stock £12.99

Category: Original Doctor Who Novels

Twelve bestselling authors, twelve Doctors, twelve brilliant adventures in time and space for ALL Doctor Who fans!


This print anthology features the original eleven eShorts plus a brand-new Twelfth Doctor story by Holly Black


To celebrate the arrival of Peter Capaldi on to our screens as the newly regenerated Doctor, this collection of Doctor Who short stories, each written by a different author, now includes an extra, brand-new twelfth adventure as part of the 12 Doctors, 12 Stories paperback anthology. Offering the perfect addition to the top-selling series, the twelfth story, “Lights Out,” has been penned by self-professed Doctor Who fan and best-selling female sci-fi writer Holly Black.


Collected Comics: The Betrothal Of Sontar

betrothal of sontar web ? In Stock £15.99

Category: Doctor Who Comics and Collected Comics

The first volume of collected comic strips featuring the Tenth Doctor and Rose. Features the stories The Betrothal Of Sontar, The Lodger, FAQ, The Futurists, Interstellar Overdrive, Opera Of Doom, The Green-Eyed Monster, The Warkeeper's Crown


Collected Comics: The Tides Of Time

Tides of Time.jpg ? In Stock £14.99

Category: Doctor Who Comics and Collected Comics

The complete run of 5th Doctor Comic Strips featured in Doctor Who Monthly.
Includes, The Tides Of Time, Stars Fell on Stockbridge, The Stockbridge Horror, 4-Dimensional Vistas, Lunar Lagoon and The Moderator.
Over 200 pages of adventure!




Collected Comics: Endgame

endgamenew ? Out of Stock £14.99

Category: Doctor Who Comics and Collected Comics

First of four volumes collecting the complete run of Eighth Doctor comic strips from the pages of DWM. Features six full stories: Endgame, The Keep, Fire and Brimstone, Tooth and Claw, The Final Chapter and Wormwood - plus two bonus strips, A Matter Of Life and Death and The Threshold


Iris Wildthyme of Mars

iris mars.jpg ? In Stock £16.99

Category: Iris Wildthyme Books

The Red Planet.


Everyone agrees about the colour, at least. The rest is up for grabs.


Is Mars a dead and sterile desert, or teeming with life?


Are Martians red, green or blue? Nubile and lithe, or monstrously tentacular?


Are they long gone, or waiting still? How do they feel about visitors?


Will we become the Martians? What kind of a world might we build on Mars? What myths, new or old, might we create there?


Oh – and how many different colours can you put in front of “Mars” to make a clever title?


These Marses are of course incompatible, contradictory, and in many cases quite impossible. And Iris Wildthyme has visited them all.


Blake's 7 Liberator Chronicles Volume 10

liberator chronicles 10.jpg ? In Stock £25.00

Category: Blake's 7

Blake is having bad dreams: a swamp, wolves, a woman called Velandra… and Travis. Could this be a memory that was erased by the Federation?

A distress call leads Avon and Vila to an old tracking station on the moon of Lorean. It was sent by Ragnus Lang, formerly Vila’s partner-in-crime. And now Lang needs Blake’s help.

Ministry of Peace
The Liberator crew are on the planet Speranza to assist its new interim government.  But is the planet a beacon of hope in the fight against the Federation – or is Speranza’s history 

Written By: Steve Lyons, Andrew Smith, Una McCormack
Directed By: Lisa Bowerman, Ken Bentley


Gareth Thomas (Blake), Paul Darrow (Avon), Michael Keating (Vila), Jacqueline Pearce (Servalan), Stephen Greif (Travis), John Banks (Ragnus Lang)

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