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Tom Baker at 80

tom baker at 80.jpg ? In Stock £9.99

Category: Interview and Autobiography CD

In January 2014, Tom Baker celebrated his 80th birthday.

On March 19th, Tom sat down with Nicholas Briggs to look back over his 80 amazing years - his youth, his early acting career, his great success with Doctor Who and beyond… and his return to his most famous role with Big Finish.

This candid and intimate interview forms two fascinating hours of engaging entertainment in the unique company of Mr Baker.


Time Zone Playset 4: Hide

hide-box580.jpg ? In Stock £10.99

Category: 3.75 inch Action Figures and Sets

Includes Hider figure and 6 clock accessories.


Time Zone Playset 3: The Angels Take Manhattan

angel-box5802.jpg ? In Stock £10.99

Category: 3.75 inch Action Figures and Sets

Includes 6 exclusive cherub figures


How to be a Timelord

how to be a timelord.jpg ? In Stock £9.99

Category: Doctor Who Reference Books

This official Doctor Who guide is essential reading for all wannabe Time Lords. Written as a gift from the Eleventh Doctor to the newly-regenerated Twelfth, it contains everything you need to know to be just like him. So if you've ever wondered if you'd make the grade in the Time Lord Academy, or how to fly the TARDIS, or the correct way to dip your fish finger in custard, then this is the book for you!





tap safe.png ? In Stock £29.99

Category: Classic, New Series and Cult TV Gifts

Unlock the safe via a personalised tap sequence.

Light and sound effects


5" Impossible Figure Set - Eleventh Doctor and Clara

impossible set 1.jpg ? In Stock £39.99

Category: Doctor Who Action Figures and Sets

Clara and the Doctor: Linked through time in the most impossible way!

Clara 'Oswin' Oswald: The Impossible Girl. She and the Doctor first met on the Dalek Asylum planet where she claimed to have been fending off Dalek attacks for a year, making soufflés - where did she get the milk and eggs? Oswin agreed to deactivate the forcefield around the planet, but when human the Doctor went to rescue her, he discovered the terrible truth. Oswin wasn't a girl any longer, but actually an insane Dalek who, unable to cope with her conversion, had retreated into a fantasy world. Oswin fulfilled her promise of helping the Doctor, telling him to "Run. Run, you clever boy, and remember..." They will meet again... and again.

The Doctor, appalled by his inability to save Amy and Rory from the Weeping Angels, retreated to Earth and hid himself and the TARDIS away from the Universe. Another chance but ill-fated meeting with Clara Oswald in snowy Victorian London pulled him out of his solitude and set him back on a new adventure.... to find the Impossible Girl!

Set details:
Presented here in the Impossible Set, together but apart, are the Eleventh Doctor in his iconic Victorian frock coat from The Snowmen, and Oswin Oswald, the Impossible Girl, in her iconic red dress from Asylum of the Daleks. The Doctor's outfit features his top hat and jacket with fur and brocade detailing. Oswin's outfit is a one piece red dress with her soufflé-making accessory belt. The set is presented in a unique double sided foil embellished SDCC collector pack with 'peephole' Dalek eye window on one side and a Victorian winter vista on the other.

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