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The United Nations Intelligence Taskforce was set up to tackle human contact with the extraterrestrial and paranormal – especially when that contact proved dangerous But when the battles were over, when the top-secret ‘clean ups’ had been completed, where was all the alien technology taken? The Warehouse… UNIT’S highly classified storage and research establishment. Here lie the dead, forgotten relics of past battles and encounters. But what happens when one of these relics is reactivated? UNIT has only one way of dealing with its mistakes. The Containment Team has been summoned… and the outcome is far from certain…

Production Credits… Written And Directed by Nicholas Briggs Starring Verona Chard as Janice Bryonie Pritchard as Dr Sal Arnold Reece Shearsmith as Dr San Francisco Mattws George Teer as Graham Winslet Michael Wade as Lockwood Andrew Fettes as Ramsay UNIT Soldiers: Roy Hughes, Gabriel Mykaj, Mi byke Parry, David Ringwood, and Richard Smith Autons: John Ainsworth, Gareth Baggs, Blaine Coughlan, and David Ringwood


Auton 2 Sentinel

Two years have passed since the Nestene creature vanished from UNIT’S top secret Warehouse… Suddenly and without warning the Nestene strikes, once again using Autons as its deadly foot soldiers. As mysterious UNIT operative Lockwood struggles to unearth the Nestene plan he finds himself drawn to the remote Sentinel Island. There, the population have been caught up in a bizarre frenzy of religious activity Lockwood is joined by Natasha Alexander, a new scientific advisor with her own, sinister agenda. To defeat the Nestene menace they must both face the terrifying power of a creature from before the dawn of Mankind…

Written And Directed by Nicholas Briggs, Produced by Bill Baggs, Michael Wade as Lockwood, Jo Castleton as Natasha, Alexander George Teller as Graham Winslet, Bryonie Pritchard as Dr Sal Arnold


Auton 3 Awakening

Lockwood and Natasha have returned from Sentinel Island, coming on shore in the town of Millhampton. Computers around the world are failing. They are being invaded by the Nestene Consciousness through Lockwood's implant. Meanwhile, the entire population of Millhampton has disappeared. They have been absorbed into the mind of another revived Nestene below the city. The only survivor is the real Winslet, who is still being used by the Nestenes at the local psychiatric hospital. Lockwood and Natasha are both being used by another psychic UNIT operative named Palmer to lead them to the heart of the Nestene activity. Palmer monitors their movements through a constant link with Natasha's mind. Meanwhile, Natasha is used by the Nestenes to lure Lockwood to the hospital, which the Autons are using as the centre of their operation. There the Auton Winslet is trying to free the Nestene energy from Lockwood's mind so it can infect every computer in the world and revive all the dormant Nestene creatures. Lockwood resists by convincing himself that everything he sees is a dream. When Dr Arnold arrives, his resolve is broken. He is then forced to sacrifice his own life to destroy the Nestene plan.....

Auton Trilogy DVD Series (Auton, Auton 2: Sentinel, Auton 3)

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