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Pre order. BBV Productions are proud to announce Caroline & Nick: Uncut, the third release in their series of complete and unedited interviews with Doctor Who stars. Clips from the interview have previously been used for Thirty Years of Time Travel & Beyond, but this is the first time the full interview has been released in its entirety.

Bill Baggs, who interviewed Caroline and Nick, recalls: “I first met Caroline John on the BBV production Breach of the Peace, and I was struck by her professionalism and team spirit not to mention her talent. We would later become friends during the making of the PROBE series and the resurrection of Liz Shaw. Liz had always been a favourite companion of mine so it was a delight to work with Carrie on taking the character in different directions. In this interview about her time working with Jon Pertwee, Liz reveals both the highs and lows of being a companion.

Whilst the one opportunity to work with Nick Courtney on Auton never materialised due to ill health, I knew Nick from the Doctor Who convention circuit. Whenever we bumped into each other we’d always share a laugh, so I wa delighted to have the opportunity to interview him with Carrie and it was obvious they both got on.”

Nick and Caroline Uncut DVD

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