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the early 1970s, the BBC decided to launch a series of exhibitions featuring monsters and props from Doctor Who.

Over the next three decades, untold thousands of children (and adults too!) were thrilled by a mix of innovative, exciting and stunning extravaganzas!

For many fans, these exhibitions were their first and only real chance to get close-up to their favourite TV programme … and the memories they share in this innovative documentary series are bound together by interviews with experts and people who actually worked at them!

The Museum of Classic Sci-Fi is, in many ways, a personal tribute by Neil Cole to the halcyon days of science fiction on film and TV. Built in his basement under a Georgian house in the sleepy village of Allendale in Northumberland, it’s an unlikely home for one of the most incredible modern-day exhibitions of Doctor Who props and monsters – many of which came from older exhibitions and had been saved from destruction! The museum re-opened in 2021 after extensive restoration work and we tell the story of that opening … and the incredible journey that led to that memorable day!

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