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First published in TV Century 21 from 1965 to 1967, The Daleks was devised by Terry Nation and largely written by Doctor Who’s first story editor David Whitaker.

For this collectors’ edition, all 104 instalments have been digitally restored – the vast majority from the original artwork.

The bookazine also includes new features about the writers, illustrators and publishers who created The Daleks, including a detailed interview with artist Ron Turner.

The Doctor Who Bookazine releases thematically oriented issues that look at the decades of history behind the beloved British sci-fi franchise.

Want to observe the history of the Daleks? Or the various robots in the history of the show? Each issue is a unique look at a part of the show that goes through past storylines that makes them a must-have for all Who-fans

Doctor Who Bookazine 23: The Daleks

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