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This Daleks Collector Set features the Daleks as seen onscreen in the second serial of the first ever season of Doctor Who entitled ‘The Daleks’. These very first Daleks stood a little over four feet tall and when seen in the early days of black and white television were utterly alien in look. They all looked virtually identical in their livery of silver, mid grey and blue hemispheres.


The original eyestalks had special lens apertures designed to become larger or smaller like the pupil of an eye and the guns were straight metal rails with inset plastic octagons. To identify each prop the casings had parallel black lines etched on numbering them 1 to 4. This have been replicated as accurately as possible and come beautifully presented in Heritage Doctor Who brand packaging with specially created inserts.

History of The Daleks Set 1

  • Made by Character Options

    Limited Edition 5.5" scale action figures.  Ages 8+

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