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An Englishman on Gallifrey:

Armed with his own home video camera (and trailed by the intrepid Reeltime crew) Mark Strickson sets off from deepest rural England on an odyssey of adventure across the Atlantic to the Airtel Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles, the venue for ‘the twelfth regeneration of Gallifrey One’ … confusing name but nonetheless one of America’s leading Doctor Who conventions.


Doctor at Sea:

Join the intrepid Reeltime crew as we board the good ship Fascination with Nicholas Courtney, Yee Jee Tso and Lisa Bowerman as it leaves Miami on it’s way across the Gulf of Mexico.


Who on Earth is Tom Baker?

In this unique production, Tom agreed to give Reeltime Pictures his view of Tom Baker. Shot on location around his home and filled with Tom's views on DOCTOR WHO, life and (more importantly) death, it could be called an autobiography - but it's a whole lot more than that!


Patrick Troughton in America

During the 1980’s Patrick Troughton overcame his reluctance to make personal appearances and began attending conventions both in Britain and America.

In this special production, Reeltime has talked with American fans and professionals about their memories of Patrick and gathered together exclusive footage of his PBS appearances… including an extended interview conducted by PBS station KTEH.


Sophies Choice:

SOPHIE’S CHOICE was a pilot for a children’s television series Reeltime Pictures filmed with SOPHIE ALDRED in 1992. Ultimately it didn’t get commissioned … but we got very, very close! Here it is with an introduction and explanation from Producer KEITH BARNFATHER and SOPHIE herself.


Panopticon Genesis:

Organised by the Doctor Who Appreciation society, Convention '77 was ground breaking, featuring star appearances from the then current Doctor, TOM BAKER with his latest assistant LOUISE JAMESON and former Doctor JON PERTWEE. Together with autograph sessions, a display of props, a visual effects lecture by MAT IRVINE and talks by TERRANCE DICKS and producer GRAHAM WILLIAMS this convention set the tone for the future and led directly to the legendary DWAS PanoptiCons of the 1980s and 1990s.


Myth Runner:

Loosely linked by Nicholas Briggs' portrayal of The Myth Runner (an exact robot double of said Mr Briggs), here are some of the best and worst moments in Myth Makers some of the most hysterical and embarrassing "shorts" you've ever seen.

Utterly anarchic and pointless...why buy it? Frankly we have no idea - but it might be fun listening to us trying to explain it all!



Reeltime Documentaries (DVD)

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