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Collected interviews from the Reeltime Pictures back catalogue


The Doctors: Heroes

These six documentaries are the best in-depth interviews with TREVOR MARTIN (the Doctor in the stage play Seven Keys to Doomsday), DAMARIS HAYMAN (Olive Hawthorne in The Daemons), STEWART BEVAN (Cliff Jones in The Green Death), JEREMY BULLOCH (Hal the Archer in The Time Warrior), ANDREW HAYDEN-SMITH (Jake Simmonds in Rise of the Cybermen) and DAVID BRIERLEY (Voice of K9) ever undertaken


The Doctors: Monsters

This latest in the series of discs contains the documentary I WAS A DOCTOR WHO MONSTER plus five Myth Makers interviews with monster men and women from DOCTOR WHO. 


2 x DVD


The Doctors: More Monsters

These six documentaries are the best in-depth interviews with NABIL SHABAN (Sil), CHRISTOPHER RYAN (Kiv – Mindwarp), STEPHEN THORNE (Omega – The Three Doctors, Azal – The Daemons, Eldrad – The Hand of Fear), TERRY MOLLOY (Davros), STUART FELL and JON DAVEY (who have both played monsters too numerous to list!) ever undertaken!!!


The Doctors: Villains

This special release contains five in-depth interviews with IAN COLLIER (Omega - Arc of Infinity), BERNARD ARCHARD (Marcus Scarman - Pyramids of Mars), DAVID GOODERSON (Davros - Destiny of the Daleks), PETER MILES (Nyder - Genesis of the Daleks), JULIAN GLOVER (Scaroth - City of Death), plus a fascinating tribute to ROGER DELGADO (The Master) by the cast and production staff he worked with


The Doctors: The William Hartnell Years

Features Myth Makers: William Hartnell Tribute, William Russell, Jacqueline Hill, Jackie Lane, Carole Ann Ford, Peter Purves


The Doctors: The Patrick Troughton Years

Together with a special tribute to PATRICK TROUGHTON (the Second Doctor), this DVD also features  in-depth interviews  with, ANNEKE WILLS (Polly), MICHAEL CRAZE (Ben), FRAZER HINES (Jamie), DEBORAH WATLING (Victoria) and WENDY PADBURY (Zoe)


The Doctors: The Jon Pertwee Years

These six hour-long documentaries are in-depth interviews with JON PERTWEE (the Third Doctor), KATY MANNING (Jo Grant), CAROLINE JOHN (Liz Shaw), NICHOLAS COURTNEY (The Brigadier), RICHARD FRANKLIN (Captain Yates) and JOHN LEVENE (Sergeant Benton)


The Doctors: The Tom Baker Years

These six documentaries are the best in-depth interviews with TOM BAKER (the Fourth Doctor), ELISABETH SLADEN (Sarah Jane), IAN MARTER (Harry), LOUISE JAMESON (Leela), MARY TAMM (Romana) and JOHN LEESON (Voice of K9)


The Doctors: The Colin Baker Years

in-depth interviews with COLIN BAKER (the Sixth Doctor), NICOLA BRYANT (Peri), BONNIE LANGFORD (Mel), MICHAEL JAYSTON (The Valeyard), JOHN NATHAN-TURNER (Producer) and ERIC SAWARD (Script Editor)


The Doctors: The Sylvester McCoy Years

in-depth interviews with SYLVESTER McCOY (the Seventh Doctor), SOPHIE ALDRED (Ace), ANGELA BRUCE (Brigadier Bambera), JESSICA MARTIN (Mags), LISA BOWERMAN (Bernice Summerfield) and Script Editor ANDREW CARTMEL 


The Doctors: The Paul McGann Years

in-depth interviews with PAUL McGANN (the Eighth Doctor), DAPHNE ASHBROOK (Grace Holloway), YEE JEE TSO (Chang Lee), ERIC ROBERTS (The Master), PHILIP SEGAL (Producer) and GEOFFREY SAX (Director


Mythmakers Interviews: The Doctors (DVD)

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