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Wartime Chronicles:

During all his years working for the United Nations Intelligence Taskforce (UNIT), Benton never failed in his duty but once, long ago, he did. While on a seemingly routine delivery run for The Brigadier, he finds himself close to his childhood home where ghosts from his past have never rested easily ...


Trapped in a nightmare world, where past and present seem as one, will he be lost forever or can he fight his way back to reality? A reality where he is desperately needed!


This 2 disc special collector's edition, features WARTIME, a package of behind-the-scenes material, a brand new introduction, plus two bonus documentaries ... ReUNITed (a history of UNIT) and JON PERTWEE & UNIT LIVE ON STAGE (an entertaining convention panel featuring Jon Pertwee and the UNIT team, featured here in its entirety for the first time).


Tom Baker's Beyond Belief

Former DOCTOR WHO, TOM BAKER was enlisted to host the series and explain the background to each film in a “top and tail” piece to camera.

A studio set reminiscent of a 1950’s cinema booth was created and, after recording Tom’s presentations, the film compendium series was launched with three titles, The Mutations, The Immortalizer and Berserk.

The series was a success, with great reviews, but it proved impossible to source further titles and the idea was reluctantly shelved.

The films rights have now reverted to the owners, but here, together with the trailers and outtakes from the studio recording, are TOM’s introductions, together with an explanation by series producer Keith Barnfather.

This is an oddity, but displays TOM’s ability to communicate and entertain to great effect


Where on Earth is Katy Manning?

By her own admission, Katy Manning is ‘as blind as a bat’ and never knows where she’ll end up. When she suddenly arrived in the UK, Katy was probably as surprised as the rest of us!

Determined to thank the legion of Doctor Who fans who had written and supported her during her years abroad, Katy embarked on a whirlwind tour of British conventions and shops before leaving (yet again) for Australia…

Along the way bump into Nicholas Courtney, Richard Franklin, John Leeson, Sophie Aldred, Sylvester McCoy, Michael Sheard and other surprise guest stars!


Katy Manning's World Down Under

Have you wondered what it’s like being a star from Doctor Who living in Australia? Almost the only star in fact! That’s exactly the life Katy has led for the last 20 years (off and on) and you wouldn’t believe the things she gets up to! Well probably you would!

In this absolutely, totally and utterly unique production, Katy:

- Interviews Louise Pajo, Sue Willis, Robert Kitts and Keff McCulloch at an Aussie Doctor Who convention.

- Gives us a whirlwind tour of Sydney.

- Introduces us to the best friend who was her flatmate during Doctor Who.

- Embarrasses her children again!

- Persuades her partner, Aussie legend Barry Crocker, to step in front of the camera with her.

- Takes a sideways look at Doctor Who fandom in Australia.

There really is only one Katy Manning… Thank God! This World is too small for any more!


The Megeve Experiment

In July 2002, an experiment took place… two Doctor Who actors, Sophie Aldred and Deborah Watling, travelled to France with director Christopher Barry and tutor Beverley Cressman, on a trip to educate, instruct and entertain a group of fans.

During the following week six Doctor Who fans learnt how to use their own talents to act for the theatre and screen… and during the process they had a great deal of fun! The culmination was a dramatised rehearsal, directed by Christopher, where everyone got to perform in from of the camera and for the first time Victoria and Ace met!

Is this indeed Full Circle? Doctor Who professionals teaching fans how to act? Was this a successful experiment? You bet it was!


Reeltime Documentaries (DVD)

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