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Robert Holmes: A Life in Words

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'Take "The Talons of Weng-Chiang". Watch Episode One. It's the best dialogue ever written. It's up there with Dennis Potter. By a man called Robert Holmes.' - Russell T Davies

'Go find a list of favourite Doctor Who stories and look for the writer with the most entries! That's our Robert! He took Doctor Who down from space and planets, and slipped all that horror and scariness under your bed and at the back of your hall cupboard.' - Steven Moffat

'One of his great talents was for structure and a non-linear approach to building a story, as well as his unique ability to come up with hordes of weirdly convincing names for aliens that would have put J K Rowling in the shade.' - Robert Banks Stewart

'Bob Holmes was the first writer I ever script-edited. I probably learned more from him than he ever did from me.' - Terrance Dicks

'He was an intelligent, literate writer. There aren't a hell of a lot of those about, you know. And there's one less now...' - Chris Boucher

Those that know the work of Robert Holmes will not be at all surprised by the effusive and expansive appreciation in which he is held today by his colleagues, peers, and contemporaries. Whether writing scripts for the far-flung fantasies of Doctor Who or Blake's 7, or for the more everyday gritty reality of Bergerac, Shoestring, Juliet Bravo or Public Eye, Robert Holmes was one of television's most innovative, creative, respected - and least lauded - of talents from the '60s, '70s and '80s. Now, for the first time, this book examines his work in detail. For this is Robert Holmes' life in words ...


Roger Delgado: I Am Usually Referred to as The Master

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Roger Delgado is instantly recognisable as the Master in Doctor Who but his most famous role was also one of his last. He died aged only 55 but his career was long and productive including roles in much loved television programs such as The Saint, The Avengers, Quatermass II and films including the Hammer horrors. His brilliant versatility made him an indispensable character actor, who was able to switch accent and nationality.


This biography brings to light Delgado’s life from his childhood and early work in banking, his repertory theatre, early television, film roles, and finally his fame as the Doctor’s nemesis, when colleagues found a master criminal was played by the kindest man they had ever met. It also shows a private life more complex than previously thought.


The biography commemorates the centenary of Delgado’s birth in 1918 and looks beyond commonly told anecdotes to tell the story of Delgado’s life and career based on painstaking archival research. It features never before seen photographs from the collection of Roger’s widow Kismet Delgado and all new interviews with both some of Delgado’s most famous co-stars as well as with rarely-interviewed co-stars and directors.


The Man Behind the Master (SIGNED)

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Although known to an audience of millions the world over for his portrayal of The Doctor's arch nemesis The Master in Doctor Who during the 1980's, Anthony Ainley had a prolific career which encompassed starring roles in Spyders Web and It's Dark Outside, as well as appearances in renowned dramas such as The Pallisers, Elizabeth R, Nicholas Nickleby, Upstairs, Downstairs, and cult films including Blood On Satan's Claw and The Land That Time Forgot.


But the dramas in Anthony's real life were far more fascinating than any of the many parts he played on screen. Born the illegitimate son of actor Henry Ainley, and taken into care at the Actors' Orphanage at the age of four, the hidden story behind one of Doctor Who's most enigmatic characters is brought to life by author Karen Louise Hollis.


Using exhaustive interviews with friends and colleagues from every aspect of Anthony's life, including his best friend from school, fellow children from the Actors' Orphanage, cricketing friends, colleagues, and those who remained close to him until his death in 2004, this book aims to uncover the real Anthony Ainley - The Man Behind The Master.





The Quest for Pelder

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For many people, Kit Pedler is best remembered as the man who created the Cybermen for Doctor Who, a real life scientist who was brought in to act as an advisor and bring some science to the fiction. The Cybermen were his ultimate scientific horror: where the very nature of a man was altered by himself, by his own genius for survival, creating a monster. Pedler was that rare animal, a scientist with an imagination. He liked to think 'What if...?'


With two doctorates to his name, and as Head of Anatomy at the Institute of Ophthalmology investigating the nature of the retina, Dr. Kit Pedler began to share the suspicions being voiced in the 1960s towards the role of the scientist in society, who saw research as an end to itself and left the moral dilemmas to the politicians in a world where the people were conditioned to accept an intolerable environment. He was at the beginnings of the 'Soft' or 'Alternative Technology' movement that wanted to develop a sustainable science that would not deplete the world of its natural resources or poison the environment with its pollution.


Together with his friend and writing partner Gerry Davis, he created the hugely successful and controversial BBC1 drama series Doomwatch, which captured this fear and frightened the adults as much as the Cybermen scared the children.


The series changed his life and launched him as a prophet of doom, whose stories uncannily predicted real life ecological accidents and disasters and became a much sought after pundit in the press and on television.


Resigning from the Institute, Pedler turned his back on the world he had spent his adult life working in, and spent the rest of it campaigning for a real Doomwatch, to stop the unnecessary and cruel animal experiments in the laboratory (which he himself had seen in his earlier academic days), experiment in what we would now call eco-friendly housing, alternative technology and began to change his own relationship to the world. This lead to his book The Quest For Gaia, published in 1979 where he envisaged how a Gaian life-style would work in the post-industrial age. He also designed and built a nuclear bomb in rural Kent.


Before his premature death in 1981, he had just finished a documentary series for ITV called Mind Over Matter, which was the first serious look at the world of the paranormal through the eyes of his enquiring and rational, but imaginative mind.


With contributions from his family, friends, colleagues and critics, this book tells the story behind a fascinating, charismatic, complicated, and demanding human being; a natural teacher who didn't just want to pontificate about the problems facing the world in a television or radio studio, but actually do something practical about them.




Totally Tasteless: The Life of John Nathan-Turner

totally tasteless.jpg ? Out of Print £17.99

Richard Marson's book, Totally Tasteless: The Life of John Nathan-Turner (previously titled JN-T: The Life and Scandalous Times of John Nathan-Turner) tells the story of the most controversial figure in the history of Doctor Who.


For more than a decade, John Nathan-Turner, or 'JN-T' as he was often known, was in charge of every major artistic and practical decision affecting the world’s longest-running science fiction programme. Richard Marson brings his dramatic, farcical, sometimes scandalous, often moving story to life with the benefit of his own inside knowledge and the fruits of over 100 revealing interviews with key friends and colleagues, those John loved to those from whom he became estranged. The author has also had access to all of Nathan-Turner’s surviving archive of paperwork and photos, many of which appear here for the very first time.


This new edition features a cover painting by artist Andrew Skilleter, some additional photographs and documents and a new chapter detailing the year of the book's release, and the full story behind the press attention. The basic text of the book remains the same as in the previous edition.


Who's There?: The Life and Career of William Hartnell (SIGNED)

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Last batch signed by Jessica Carney.


William Hartnell took the leading role in Doctor Who towards the end of a long acting career that was a successful as it was varied.


He played musical light comedy; he played a succession of mean crooks and bullying sergeant-majors; he played a time-travelling eccentric. He appeared in more than 75 feature films, in countless stage performances and in several television programmes in addition to Doctor Who.


Jessica Carney’s closely researched biography of her grandfather includes stories from many of the hundreds of stars of stage and screen with whom he worked, among them Richard Attenborough, Verity Lambert, Bob Monkhouse, Carole Ann Ford, David Langton and Lindsay Anderson.


Updated and available for the first time in over fifteen years, Jessica Carney’s biography is published to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the character that made him immortal – Doctor Who!

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