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Doctor Who Drama: Special Releases

Extras to the main Big Finish range



Special Release 01: Real Time

realtime ? In Stock £10.99

The BBCi adventure broadcast on the internet in summer 2002. On the planet Chronos the Doctor and Evelyn are summoned to help a military archaeological team unblock the secret of an ancient temple. But at the heart of the temple lies an old foe.. The Cybermen.


Special Release 02: Shada (Soundtrack of the BBCi Webcast)

shada ? In Stock £14.99

The Eighth Doctor realises that irreparable damage is being caused to the time line because an incident involving his 4th incarnation was never resolved. He calls on Romana (Lalla Ward) to assist him mend the time-line and locate the powerful book of Shada, held by Professor Chronotis before the evil Skagra acquires it for his own evil ends..

2 x CD



Special Release 03: Her Final Flight

herfinalflightbig ? In Stock £10.99

When the Doctor lands on Refiloe, he's not impressed.
In fact, he doesn't intend to stay for more than just a few minutes. But someone has decided that the TARDIS has made her final flight. Someone whose future depends on the Doctor's death.


Special Release 04: Cryptobiosis

cryptobiosis_big ? In Stock £10.99

There's a ship out there, on the ocean.

She's called Lankester and, every year, she sails from Madagascar to New Orleans and back again. Every year. Without exception. Regular as clockwork.

Her schedule is never behind. Her cargo is always fresh.

This trip, she has passengers. The passengers have baggage.

And the baggage might just be enough to sink her...

This story takes place between "The Trial of a Time Lord" and "Time and the Rani".


Special Release 05: Return Of The Daleks

returnofthedaleks_big ? In Stock £10.99

No one could ever know. We had to erase the past. Change everything. Start again.

But even though it's been centuries now, in our hearts, none of us feels truly safe. I think, even if our people were to survive until the end of time itself, we would still fear The Return of the Daleks

1 x CD



Special Release 06: Return To The Web Planet

Returntothewebplanet_big ? In Stock £10.99

"It's an ancient name. From the dark time..."

It's been hundreds of years and several regenerations since the Doctor last visited the insect world of Vortis. Much has changed during his absence, but not necessarily for the better.

This now green and pleasant land isn't the paradise it first appears. Something malevolent is living out in The Desolation... And the Doctor and Nyssa must solve the mystery before the City of Light is overrun


Special Release 07: Return of the Krotons

return of the krotons.png ? In Stock £10.99

The dead planet Onyakis is being plundered by the last survivors of the human race, and their leader, Commander Cobden, will stop at nothing to get what he wants. Already there are rumours of those who stand against him mysteriously disappearing. But when the Doctor and Charley find themselves on the side of those trying to expose Cobden, they discover something far more sinister.

Deep in the mines of Onyakis, alien technology is reactivating. Power is flowing. Something is forming in the darkness…


Special Release 08: An Earthly Child

An earthly child.jpg ? In Stock £10.99


Thirty years on from the Daleks' invasion of Earth, the scars still haven't healed. The survivors inhabit a world thrown back two hundred years, a world of crop shortages and civil unrest. A world where the brightest and best of its young people are drawn to the xenophobic Earth United group.

A world sliding into a new Dark Age, believes Susan Campbell, widow of one of the heroes of the Occupation. A world in need of alien intervention. A world in need of hope.

But as Susan takes drastic action to secure the planet's future, she's oblivious to the fact that her student son, Alex, ensnared by Earth United, is in need of alien intervention too. Or so Alex's great-grandfather thinks.


Paul McGann (The Doctor), Carole Ann Ford (Susan Campbell), Jake McGann (Alex Campbell), Sheryl Gannaway (Holly Barrett), Leslie Ash (Marion Fleming/Hope), Matt Addis (Faisal Jensen/Reporter), Ian Hallard (Duncan), Ian Brooker (President of the Earth Council/Policeman/Air Control/Helicopter Pilot/Reporter)


Special Release 11: Night of the Stormcrow

night of the stormcrow.jpg ? In Stock £10.99

High atop Mount McKerry sits the observatory. For years now it's been watching the skies. Now something's watching back. Something dark and huge that blots out the stars. Something with giant wings. Something that kills.

When the TARDIS is struck mid-flight, the Doctor and Leela crash-land on the mountain to find they are not the only aliens to be visiting. Beings of nothing infest the complex, staff members are dead or mad. As the survivors argue amongst themselves and attempt to take advantage of the situation, a creature vast and terrible is coming ever closer.

A creature called... Stormcrow


Tom Baker (The Doctor), Louise Jameson (Leela), Chase Masterson (Peggy Brooks), Ann Bell (Professor Gesima Cazalet), Jonathan Forbes (Trevor Gale), Mandi Symonds (Erica MacMillan)


Special Release 12: Trial of the Valeyard

trial of the valeyard.jpg ? In Stock £10.99

There is some evil in all of us – even the Doctor. Transported aboard the Time Lords' orbiting courtroom, the Doctor once again encounters the Valeyard, an amalgamation of the darker sides of his nature. This time, however, the Doctor isn't in the dock. This time, the Valeyard is the defendant, accused of a crime so terrible that the presiding Inquisitor is forbidden to reveal it even to the court, nor even to his counsel for the defence… the Doctor.


If the Valeyard is found guilty, he'll be executed. Execute the Valeyard, and the secret of his origins dies with him. A secret that the Doctor is desperate to know… and which the Time Lords will stop at nothing to protect.