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Reeltime Myth Makers, Drama and Documentary DVDs

From the Worlds of Doctor Who come the unique and acclaimed Reeltime Pictures documentary and drama DVDs, including Myth Makers, the definitive series of interviews with the cast and production staff from classic Doctor Who - hosted by Nicholas (the voice of the Daleks) Briggs, plus other unique spin-off dramas and documentaries. All these titles are recorded on DVD-R format.



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Myth Makers Bernard Archard

mm archard ? In Stock £9.99

"PAT (TROUGHTON) was an extremely well known and respected actor before it (DOCTOR WHO) started, so we knew he'd come up with something very worthwhile". BERNARD ARCHARD reached the milestone age of 90 in August 2006. During a long and successful career in "the business" he built a reputation as one of Britain's most accomplished character actors, having appeared in television, films and on the stage. BERNARD featured in two DOCTOR WHO stories...Head of Security BRAGEN in POWER OF THE DALEKS and as MARCUS SCARMAN in PYRAMIDS OF MARS.




Myth Makers Bob Baker and Dave Martin

mm bob baker.jpg ? In Stock £9.99

Bob Baker and Dave Martin met in Bristol during the late 1960’s. Their very first attempt at writing together almost made it to the big screen and from that time they’ve never looked back.

From the classic days of drama at HTV, working on shows like Sky and King of the Castle they progressed in the 1970’s and early 1980’s to becoming regulars writing for Doctor Who.

Their most famous creation is a robot dog which became a popular and unique assistant to The Doctor for four years and spawned its own television special.

In this Myth Makers, Nicholas Briggs discussed with Bob and Dave the creation of K9, its treatment by other writers, how the special K9 & Company came about – and what they thought of it!

Bob and Dave also reveal the ideas behind their Doctor Who scripts and discuss a working relationship spanning thirty years which has allowed them to pursue separate careers which include detective novels for Dave and the award-winning Wallace & Gromit for Bob.

And the future? …will K9 be back?


Myth Makers Christopher Bidmead

mmbidbig ? In Stock £9.99

"I wanted to make the next DOCTOR WHO which was going to be bigger, better, different, and push the boundaries"

CHRISTOPHER HAMILTON BIDMEAD was born in 1941. He trained as an actor at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art

Gradually, CHRIS turned to scriptwriting, an in late 1979 he was recommended by ROBERT BANKS STEWART for the post of script editor on DOCTOR WHO, working alongside newly appointed producer JOHN NATHAN-TURNER.

In this MYTH MAKERS, we find out what CHRIS hoped to achieve when he arrived at the production office, the reality of what he found there, what it was like working with JNT.....and why he left the programme after only one year.

DVD-R Region 0



Myth Makers Christopher Ryan (Kiv)

myth_makers_christopher_ryan.jpg ? In Stock £9.99

Christopher Ryan was born in London on the 28th of January 1950. He trained at the East 15 Acting School and began his career with The Glasgow Citizens Theatre in 1971.


Christopher’s first love is the stage and he has an extensive credit list for roles in theatres across the UK. It was while appearing in Can’t Pay, Won’t Pay at the Criterion Theatre, that he landed the role of Mike in The Young Ones. This led to parts in Bottom, Absolutely Fabulous, Only Fools and Horses, The Green, Green Grass, One Foot in the Grave and many other television series.


But to Doctor Who fans, it’s his monstrous performances as Kiv, General Staal and Commander Starkthat he is best known for.


Robert Dick discusses this and much more in the latest Myth Makers - in which an old friend makes a guest appearance!


Myth Makers Damaris Hayman (Signed)

damaris.jpg ? In Stock £9.99

From theatre to television DAMARIS has featured in countless well-known productions, including films like THE PINK PANTHER STRIKES AGAIN and THE BELLES OF ST TRINIANS and on television HOUSE OF ELLIOTT, THE BILL, SEZ LEZ, THE SWEENY, THE LIVERBIRDS, HANCOCK'S, NO HIDING PLACE, STEPTOE & SON and, of course in 1971, the classic DOCTOR WHO story, THE DAEMONS


Cover signed by Damaris Hayman


Myth Makers David Brierley

mm brierley.jpg ? In Stock £9.99

At first glance, David Brierley would seem an unlikely choice to take over from John Leeson as the voice of K9. As one of Britain’s dedicated character actors David had built a career in television, theatre, radio and commercials that paid a living and still allowed him to walk down the street unnoticed. He was happy – he didn’t really want to be K9’s voice!


Perhaps it was the wealth of experience that David could bring to K9, his ability to give K9 more depth, that appealed to Christopher Barry and John Nathan-Turner when they were casting for Creature from the Pit. Whatever their reasons – they wanted David.


In this Myth Makers, Nicholas Briggs finds out why David finally took the job and the challenges and rewards he found. And why did he leave after only one season?


All this and more in the latest Myth Makers release.



Myth Makers David Fisher

mm david fisher.jpg ? In Stock £9.99

David Fisher was born to be a writer. At the age of eight he decided to rewrite Treasure Island! After National Service he went into advertising, eventually finding himself working for STV (Scottish Television) where he was offered the chance to write for television on The One O’Clock Gang.

Moving down to London, he started writing for some of the leading dramas of the day, including Orlando (1967), Dixon of Dock Green (1969), The Troubleshooters (1969), Crown Court (1974), The Mackinnons (1977) and Hammer House of Horror (1984).

He wrote four stories for Doctor Who – The Stones of Blood (1978), The Androids of Tara (1978), The Creature From the Pit (1979) and The Leisure Hive (1980).

He also wrote the story that became City of Death (1979) … but that’s a story told in this DVD!

In later years, he collaborated with Anthony Read on a number of historical books dealing with subjects including WW2 espionage and the Nazi persecution of the Jews.




Myth Makers Derek Martinus

derekmartinus ? In Stock £9.99

A new interview with the Director from the Hartnell and Troughton eras. Director of classics such as Evil Of The Daleks, Tenth Planet, Galaxy 4, The Ice Warriors, Mission To The Unknown and the first Pertwee story; Spearhead From Space.




Myth Makers Dick Mills

mmdickbig ? In Stock £9.99

"We found to our cost, and the Radiophonic Workshop's cost, that making it look easy proved to be our downfall." Experience as a wireless mechanic in The Royal Air Force helped DICK MILLS to get a job at the BBC as a Technical Assistant in 1956, but he soon left to join the newly-formed BBC Radiophonic Workshop. In 1963, he helped DELIA DERBYSHIRE transform RON GRAINER's written DOCTOR WHO theme tune into sound and music. He is best known for his many years work, especially between 1971 and 1993, creating sounds for the programme. In this MYTH MAKERS, DICK talks frankly about life in the Workshop, its rise and eventual downfall...a victim, in some ways, of its own success!




Myth Makers Directors Vol 2

directors vol2 ? In Stock £9.99

In an interview from 1986, directors Michael Bryant and Christopher Barry give a unique insight into the challenges and rewards of directing Dr Who. Also included is a bonus panel featuring David Banks, Andrew Skilleter, Alister Pearson and Sandra Reid discussing the then upcoming CYBERMEN book




Myth Makers Doctor Who Magazine Box Set


The very first issue of Doctor Who Magazine, then titled Doctor Who Weekly, was published in 1979. 500 issues and 37 years later, the magazine has gone through many changes, both in its content and also in the way it is produced.


But the continuing themes have been its objective reporting of news and the reviewing of Doctor Who itself … plus its unique comic strip.


In an exclusive series of productions, Myth Makers has tracked this amazing story and 2016 sees the release of the fourth title looking at Doctor Who Magazine as it celebrates its 500th issue.


Previous productions have celebrated the 10th, 20th and 25th anniversaries of the magazine.


For the very first time in this special box set, we bring all four Myth Makers together, offering fans of the magazine a chance to meet virtually everyone who made the magazine the success it has become, from first editor Dez Skin to current editor Tom Spilsbury.



Myth Makers Doctor Who Magazine Team

mmdwmbig ? In Stock £9.99

Rare convention footage from 1989 featuring John Freeman, Tim Quinn, Dicky Howett and Lee Sullivan.

In a sometimes risqué but funny panel we find out where Tim and Dicky got inspiration for their cartoons from and the sometimes hilarious letters David received for The Matrix Data Bank. Also included is an interview with Philip Martin and Dick Mills.



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