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BBC Radio Collection Classic Soundtracks

Featuring many "missing episodes" from the BBC TV series with linking narration and unique radio and other audio productions of Doctor Who.

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Lost TV Episodes Collection Volume 5 (1968-69)

lost tv episodes 5.jpg ? Out of Stock £69.99

Audio soundtracks, digitally remastered with additional linking narration by members of the original cast. This set collects six adventures which are either wholly or partially lost from the TV archives, but which can be enjoyed in their entirety on audio.


Presented in chronological order of transmission, the stories in this collection are "The Enemy of the World, The Web of Fear, Fury from the Deep, The Wheel in Space, The Invasion" and "The Space Pirates."



Macra Terror, The

macrabig ? In Stock £9.99

A future planet run like a holiday camp is secretly controlled by the crab-like Macra creatures. Can the Doctor stop the Macra's vital supply of the deadly gas they need to survive?


Marco Polo

marcopolo ? Out of Stock £17.35

When the TARDIS breaks down on the Roof of the World, Central Asia in 1289, its occupants are met by Marco Polo. Here they encounter a variety of dangers before arriving at Kublai Khan's Summer Palace in Shang-Tu, where the Doctor gambles away the TARDIS in a game of backgammon. Can the travellers manage to save the Khan from an assassination attempt and regain the TARDIS before it's too late?


Mind Of Evil, The

mind of evil big ? In Stock £13.99

With linking narration by Richard Franklin who is interviewed in a bonus feature.


Monster Of Peladon, The (CD)

mosterpel ? In Stock £13.99

The complete soundtrack of the TV serial with linking narration by Elisabeth Sladen who also recalls the making of the serial in a bonus interview

2 x CD



Moonbase, The

moonbase big ? Out of Print £13.99

Landing on the Moon Weather Station, the Cybermen aim to decimate Earth's population with extreme weather, converting the survivors into the Cyber-race

2 x CD



Pescatons, The

pescatonsbig ? Out of Print £19.99

 The Doctor and Sarah Jane materialise on Earth. They are soon faced with an invasion from a race of amphibious fish-like aliens, who have been forced to leave their own planet. It is just possible that the Doctor holds the key to their defeat. Also includes a bonus disc containing a 40 minute interview with Elisabeth Sladen where she discusses her memories of recording this particular story as well as her experience on Doctor Who generally.

2 x CD



Pirate Planet TV Soundtrack

pirate planet.jpg ? In Stock £13.99

Tom Baker stars as the Fourth Doctor in this TV soundtrack adventure by Douglas Adams, with linking narration by John Leeson. The TARDIS materialises on a planet where the age of prosperity comes often, and precious jewels line the streets like litter. Overseeing the citizens is the bombastic Captain, half human and half machine. Lurking in shadows are the Mentiads, mysterious cowled figures who set their sights on certain individuals and claim them for their own. As the Doctor, Romana and K9 become entangled in local events they are caught between the apparently insane Captain and apparently sinister Mentiads. But then the Doctor makes a terrible discovery beneath the surface of the planet, and realises the true nature of the Captain's operations. Soon yet another planet comes under threat from the Captain, one which the Doctor knows well: Earth. Can he manage to save it from a terrible fate?


John Leeson narrates this classic full-cast TV adventure, written by Douglas Adams (The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy), and in a special bonus interview he recalls his time as the Voice of K9 in the BBC TV series. Also included are colour PDF files of the original TV camera scripts.


Power Of The Daleks, The

powerbig ? Out of Stock £13.99

The classic 6 part Dalek story which introduced the second Doctor.


Reign Of Terror, The

reignterrorbig ? Out of Stock £14.29

With linking narration by Carole Ann Ford. The TARDIS lands in Robespierre's Paris where they discover the French revolution is in full swing. Separated from each other the group find themselves caught up in history as they struggle to stay alive and find their individual way back to the TARDIS.

2 x CD



Romans, The

the romans cd ? In Stock £13.99

The original soundtrack of the 1964 Television Serial with linking narration by William Russell. A selection of bonus archive radio items looks at the real-life Nero, and the life and career of William Hartnell

2 x CD



Sea Devils, The

sea devils big ? In Stock £13.99

The complete soundtrack to the classic TV serial with linking narration by Katy Manning.

2 x CD


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