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A huge range of CDs from full dramatisations, talking books, music soundtracks and radio dramas.



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BBV: Adventures in Space and Time

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Initially a range of Doctor Who "spin-off" audio adventures, this series now includes stand alone sci-fi dramas. Many titles have been re-issued on CD-R by BBV and are available exclusively through Galaxy Four. For a limited time single CD releases are 6.99 with doubles at 9.99


Big Finish Mini-Series and Specials


Mini Series and Special Release CDs. War Doctor, War Master, UNIT, Counter-Measures, Gallifrey, River Song, Churchill, Iris Wildthyme


Commentary CDs


These Commentary CDs can be enjoyed on their own or played in conjunction with the official BBC DVD release. They contain no BBC copyrighted elements and do not feature audio from the episodes themselves.


Cult Series Drama


The Omega Factor, Terrahawks, Survivors, Sherlock Holmes plus much more.


Doctor Who: Early Adventures


An array of brand new four-part stories set during the early days of Doctor Who, told through narration and a full cast of actors, including the surviving leads who reprise their original roles. The black and white era of Doctor Who returns on audio!


Doctor Who Lost Stories

lords of the red planet.jpg

A series of adventures which never made the TV screen now adapted for audio


Doctor Who Main Range 01 - 50

Sirens of Time.jpg

CDs 1 to 50 in the range of original full cast audio dramas.All titles are now deleted and stock of remaining titles is very limited


Doctor Who Main Range 051 -100


CDs 51 to 100 in the range of original full cast audio dramas


Doctor Who Main Range 101 - 150


CDs 101 to 150 in the range of original full cast audio dramas


Doctor Who Main Range 201 onwards


Full cast audio dramas


Faction Paradox and Kaldor City CDs

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FACTION PARADOX is a series of original dramas featuring the Faction Paradox created by Lawrence Miles, a powerful race of Time manipulators existing in an alternative universe.

KALDOR CITY is a CD series combining writer Chris Boucher's worlds of Doctor Who and Blake's 7.


Fourth Doctor Audios


A range of new audio adventures starring Tom Baker as The Doctor

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