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Torchwood: The Sins of Captain John

torchwood-the-sins-of-captain-john.jpg ? Out of Stock £35.00

Release Date 31 March 2020

Category: Torchwood

From zombies in Restoration London, to Hell gatecrashing a funeral, rogue Time Agent Captain John Hart leads the universe to rack and ruin in four new adventures written by David Llewellyn.


1. The Restored

Captain John is in Restoration England looking for some gauntlets. There's intrigue in the Tower of London, the dead are walking the streets, and the severed head of Oliver Cromwell has a terrible warning.


2. Escape from Nebazz

Captain John is in a wooden space prison that's under attack by a strange and terrible life form. Also the catering is truly dreadful and Dr Magpie's latest discovery may have got a little out of hand.


3. Peach Blossom Heights

Captains John and Jack find themselves stranded on a world that may be actual paradise - the weather is pleasant, the people are friendly, and the giant stuffed animals only come out at night. There's only one thing the world is missing. No-one has ever explained to any of the population about the birds and the bees. Which is unfortunate.


4. Darker Purposes

Captain John arrives at the funeral of one of the galaxy's richest men. He died without making a will, and his heirs have some very creative ideas about how this can be put to rights involving murder, necromancy and seduction. Sadly, Captain John is only too happy to oblige.


Torchwood 35: Fortitude

torchwood-35-fortitude.jpg ? Out of Stock £9.99

Release Date 31 March 2020

Category: Torchwood

Queen Victoria is stranded with Maharaja Duleep Singh on a mysterious fort in the middle of the ocean.


The fort has been ravaged by storms since it was built. There are ghosts inside and there's something alien outside. It’ll do anything to get its release.


Blake's 7: Restoration 3

blakes-7-restoration-3.jpg ? Out of Stock £35.00

Release Date 31 March 2020

Category: Blake's 7

Four new brand-new full-cast Blake's 7 adventures set during the TV series' third season.


Concluding the epic Restoration story arc with four brand-new adventures set during the TV series' third season.


5.9 Parasite by Trevor Baxendale


5.10 Failsafe by Steve Lyons


5.11 Reunion by David Bryher


5.12 Imperium by Trevor Baxendale


261: The Psychic Circus

the-psychic-circus.jpg ? On Order £14.99

Release Date 31 March 2020

Category: Doctor Who Main Range 201 onwards

Lots of fun for the family, at the Greatest Show in the Galaxy!


When a junkmail robot invades the TARDIS, the Doctor gets led down an unnervingly familiar path.


Meanwhile, space beatniks Kingpin and Juniper Berry just want to hitch rides and busk – until a greater purpose calls.


The Doctor’s past and Kingpin’s future are entangled by malevolent forces. The Psychic Circus is just beginning: it may lack clowns, but it already has a Master...


Diary of River Song Series 7, The

diary-of-river-song-7.jpg ? On Order £35.00

Release Date 31 March 2020

Category: Big Finish Mini-Series and Specials

River Song finds many amusements away from the Doctor. Not least of them is solving impossible mysteries, cracking insoluble crimes.


Sometimes she’s Melody, sometimes she’s River, but she’ll always unravel the case...


7.1 Colony of Strangers by James Goss

On the bleak Nordic colony of Bondar, bodies are washing up on the beach.


The Mayor and the police are mystified. But then a prime suspect turns up. A suspect who might be their best hope of solving the case.


7.2 Abbey of Heretics by Lizbeth Myles

Outside the walls of a remote 12th Century Abbey, England is at war.


Inside, a strange sickness runs rife, and there are rumours of a devil in the woods. Death stalks the novices. When Sister Melody arrives in search of a book, she may be their only salvation.


7.3 Barrister to the Stars by James Kettle

River stands accused of murder. Her one hope is being allowed to choose the legal system under which she’ll be tried.


Enter Roger Hodgkiss: curmudgeonly barrister, plucked from a 20th Century English courtroom. He may be out of his depth, but he’ll always stand up for the underdog.


7.4 Carnival of Angels by Roy Gill

New York. 1930s. Melody Malone is new in town and her detective agency is called on to solve an impossible murder.


River’s investigations lead her to a curious carnival ride, offering trips to either Heaven or Hell. But with Angels in waiting, Heaven may not be the best choice...