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Richard Franklin

Captain Yates rallies the troops...

Saturday 04 October 2003

Richard was a regular member of the UNIT team, playing Mike Yates throughout most of the 3rd Doctor era and again in the anniversary story, The Five Doctors.

His visit to the Galaxy Four store on Saturday 4th October 2003 was greeted with much interest and illustrates how popular his era of the show remains.

Richard is witty, spontaneous and generous and spared time to chat with everyone who attended the signing.

Jacqueline Pearce

Saturday 07 June 2003

To celebrate 25 years of Blakes Seven, Jacqueline Pearce (Servalan) was signing autographs and meeting fans at the Galaxy Four shop on Saturday 7th June 2003.


As well as her her famous role as Servalan In Blake's Seven Jacqueline is well known to Doctor Who fans for her memorable role as Chessene in 'The Two Doctors' and in the Big Finish drama 'Colditz'. She has created a whole new legion of fans in 'Soldiers Of Love' as Madame Deephole. A new fascinating CD release of Jacqueline in MJTV's Actor Speaks range was launched at this signing.

Jacqueline (or Jackson as she likes to be called) enthralled the visitors who turned out on this beautiful sunny day and signed autographs and chatted with attendees for over two hours.

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