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War Master 2: The Master of Callous

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Category: Big Finish Mini-Series and Specials

A brand-new four-part adventure featuring the Master’s exploits in the Time War.


1. Call for the Dead by James Goss


2. The Glittering Prize by James Goss


3. The Persistence of Dreams by Guy Adams


4. Sins of the Father by Guy Adams


On the mining colony Callous, Elliot King struggles to meet the demands of its governor, Teremon. The odds are stacked against him, and his options are running low. The world that once promised dreams now offers only despair.


A wild Ood stalks the forests, carrying an antiquated phone. The caller promises much – he claims he can change the world – but he always speaks a devastating truth.


He is the Master and the Ood will obey him... but to what end?



Derek Jacobi (The Master), Silas Carson (The Ood), Maeve Bluebell Wells (Cassandra King), Samantha Béart (Martine King), Simon Ludders (Elliot King), Pippa Haywood (Teremon), David Menkin (Herschel), Barnaby Edwards (Jaques), Richard Earl (Sassanby), Kai Owen (Porrit), Joe Shire (Calia), Angela Bruce (Mother), Wilf Scolding (First Soldier) and Tom Forrister (Second Soldier). Other parts played by members of the cast.


Fourth Doctor Adventures Box Series 8 Volume 1

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Category: Fourth Doctor Audios

The Syndicate Masterplan (Part 1)


This set contains:


The Sinestran Kill by Andrew Smith

The Enchantress of Numbers by Simon Barnard and Paul Morris

Planet of the Drashigs by Phil Mulryne

The False Guardian by Guy Adams


More story details to follow.


The adventure concludes in Doctor Who - The Fourth Doctor Adventures: Series 8B.


Written By: Andrew Smith, Phil Mulryne, Simon Barnard, Paul Morris, Guy Adams



Tom Baker (The Doctor), Jane Slavin (Ann Kelso), John Leeson (K9), Frank Skinner (DCI Scott Neilson), Glynis Barber (Kathy Blake), Finty Williams (Ada Lovelace), Fenella Woolgar (Vanessa Seaborne), with John Shrapnel, Blake Ritson and Jon Culshaw


More cast details to follow


Lucy Wilson: The Midnight People

lucy_wilson_midnight_people.jpg ? In Stock £7.99

Category: Lethbridge-Stewart Novels and Audios

Monknash was once home to a band of smugglers, but it is now dull and boring. Except to Greg Morton, who’s absolutely terrified something unimaginable has happened to everyone in the village. He telephones his friend, Hobo, to ask for help.


When Hobo and Lucy arrive, they discover that something odd is definitely going on – but what? People seem joyless and dull, showing no emotions at all.


Even Greg, who now insists that he was joking, seems very different.


Why are people walking toward the cliffs at the stroke of midnight? Who is the lady in the wheelchair? What are the villagers trying to protect in the caves? And why can't the local policeman see anything strange?


Can Lucy and Hobo take on an entire village by themselves?


The Lucy Wilson Mysteries is a Lethbridge-Stewart spin-off adventure.


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