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The Black Archive 23: The Curse of Fenric

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Category: Black Archive, The

The dark curse follows our dragon ship.’


One of the last stories of Doctor Who’s original 26-year run, The Curse of Fenric is the first to make use of a Second World War setting. Complex and thoughtful, the story – and its various extended editions – draws on a range of sources and responds to a variety of social and cultural contexts. A vivid historical that stands on its own terms, The Curse of Fenric explores themes of history, maturation, progress, and collective action


The Black Archive 24: The Time Warrior

black_archive_24_time_warrior.jpg ? In Stock £7.99

Category: Black Archive, The

"I am an expert at war, Irongron.’


This Black Archive looks at how the US involvement in Vietnam combined with author Robert Holmes’s experience of the Second World War in Burma and consciousness of Britain’s imperial decline to create Doctor Who’s first Sontaran, Linx.


It also explores how the serial’s medievalism invoked a shared cultural memory of Gothic and Romantic literature and cinema to launch not only one of the series’ most enduring alien races but also one of its best-loved heroines, Sarah Jane Smith."


Doctor Who Magazine 531

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Category: Doctor Who Magazine

"Time travel, chasing aliens… it’s sensational! It’s every kid’s dream.”


There's an exclusive interview with Bradley Walsh in the latest issue of DWM. Plus previews of the next four episodes and Thirteenth Doctor cosplay!

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