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Time of the Doctor: An Unauthorised Guide to Dr Who 2012 & 2013 Paperback

time of the doctor softcover ? In Stock £16.99

Category: Doctor Who Reference Books

Written by Stephen James Walker

Time of the Doctor is the comprehensive guide to Series Seven and the fiftieth anniversary specials of Doctor Who – the third season to feature Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor, with his companions Amy Pond (Karen Gillan) and Rory Williams (Arthur Darvill), and also introducing Clara Oswald (Jenna Coleman) as ‘the Impossible Girl’.


All 13 episodes plus the 2012 Christmas special (‘The Snowmen’), and the two 2013 anniversary specials (‘The Day of the Doctor’ and ‘The Time of the Doctor’) are covered in depth. Also covered are all the associated major news stories, press releases, casting announcements and public response to the episodes. The Dalek asylum, a slow invasion, the fate of Amy and Rory, the return of the Ice Warriors, a Victorian mystery, a journey into the heart of the TARDIS, and Clara’s destiny, as well as the final days of the eleventh Doctor – all these things and more are recalled within the pages of this exhaustive guide.


The book also details all other significant events that occurred in the Doctor Who world during the period, presenting all the facts and figures, behind-the-scenes notes, press reaction and detailed and insightful analysis


Doctor Who Special: On Location

on location.jpg ? In Stock £5.99

Category: Dr Who Magazine Specials

The latest Doctor Who Magazine Special Edition take a look at how the world’s longest-running science-fiction series has travelled to locations far and wide.


In its early days Doctor Who was recorded on cumbersome cameras tethered to claustrophobic and often inadequate studios. The show rarely escaped these confines in the 1960s, but as technology improved, producers and directors became more adventurous.


Location shooting has helped to create some of the most memorable episodes in the series’ long history. This unique publication tells the story of those episodes and the people who made them happen.


This 100-page Special includes interviews with:


Designer Spencer Chapman (The Dalek Invasion of Earth)

Production manager Margot Hayhoe (Fury From the Deep, Castrovalva etc)

Location manager Nicky James (Night Terrors, The Bells of Saint John etc)

Location manager Iwan Roberts (A Good Man Goes to War, The Day of the Doctor etc)

Producer Marcus Wilson (A Town Called Mercy, The Angels Take Manhattan etc)


Elsewhere in this issue Andrew Pixley revisits the Portmeirion location shoot for The Masque of Mandragora, Matthew Kilburn celebrates Doctor Who’s greatest quarries and Alan Barnes meets some of the fans who are dedicated to location hunting. There’s a map showing alien invasions of the British Isles, guides to the European location shoots for City of Death and Arc of Infinity, a trip behind the scenes of The Rebel Flesh/The Almost People and much more.


Editor Marcus Hearn says: “How important is location shooting to Doctor Who? And what do the programme’s locations tells us about the series? These are some of the questions we’ve tried to answer in this new Special Edition. This is the first time Doctor Who Magazine has dedicated a whole issue to location shooting. There’s a lot to write about, and some fantastic pictures that have never seen print before.”


Classic Audio Book The Macra Terror

macra terror cd.jpg ? In Stock £20.00

Category: Classic Audio Books

Anneke Wills reads this exciting classic novelisation of a Second Doctor TV adventure.


In the far future a group of humans is living an idyllic existence on a distant planet. Their colony is run like a gigantic holiday camp, and nothing seems to trouble their carefree existence.


When one of them claims that the colony is being invaded by hideous monsters, no-one takes him seriously. But the Doctor's suspicions are immediately aroused.


What is the terrible menace that lurks at the heart of this apparent paradise? Why are the colonists unaware of the danger that lies before their very eyes? And what is the Macra Terror?


Anneke Wills, who played the Doctor’s companion Polly in the BBC TV series, reads Ian Stuart Black’s complete and unabridged novelisation, first published by Target Books in 1987. Duration: 3 hours 5 mins

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