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Angela Douglas: Swings and Roundabouts (Signed Paperback)

Was released on 25 September 2012

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In his best-selling autobiography More or Less, published in 1978, Kenneth More, one of Britain’s best -loved actors, said, “When Angela and I met and fell in love, everyone and everything was against us. I felt about her as I had never felt about any other woman. I needed her not only physically, but mentally and morally. My only reason for living was to marry her.” he was forty seven, an internationally famous star, twice married with two daughters, who through his appearance in such films as Genevieve, Reach for the Sky and Doctor in the House had become something of a British national institution.


Angela was blonde, blue-eyed and twenty one. As this bubbly, naïve  and insecure young actress found herself increasingly in demand in a profession she adored, she met and fell in deeply in love with the man who was to remain for the next twenty years her  “one essential existence”.


In this moving, frank and deeply felt autobiography, embarked on with Kenneth’s encouragement, Angela tells of her life from her convent-based education, of the joy of finding her feet as an actress and of her helpless love for this “very married man”. She talks of their seven year wait for his divorce, of being shunned by his former friends, of their joyful companionship and, after sixteen years together, their painful trial separation: “a dismal failure, thank heavens”. And of their agonising love for each other as they struggled against his final crippling illness- a time when he went from strength to vulnerability and she went from vulnerability to strength.


A portrait emerges of a particularly passionate and eventful life which will in its humanity strike a sympathetic chord in all who read it.


In this revision of her best selling memoir, Angela brings her story up to date including the all consuming grief at the death of her husband and the adventure of her life and work ever since. It is an even more compelling read and will attract a new generation of readers for her unique and heartfelt story.