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The Claws of Axos Commentary CD

Was released on 30 August 2017

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The Claws of Axos was part of Doctor Who’s eight season, broadcast in 1971. With the Third Doctor and his UNIT family firmly established battling the evil machinations of The Master, The Claws of Axos is a colourful and explosive tale.


More than forty years on, cast and crew from the serial reunite for these special new commentaries on all four episodes, including an alternative track for the last episode.


Moderated by actor, comedian and cult television enthusiast Toby Hadoke, this release features Katy Manning (Jo Grant), Richard Franklin (Captain Yates), John Levene (Sergeant Benton), Bernard Holley (Axon Man), Bob Baker (Writer), Terrance Dicks (Script Editor) and Michael Ferguson (Director).


These CDs can be enjoyed on their own or played in conjunction with the official BBC DVD release.


EPISODE ONE: Terrance Dicks & Bob Baker

EPISODE TWO: Bernard Holley & Bob Baker

EPISODE THREE: Katy Manning & Bernard Holley

EPISODE FOUR: Katy Manning & Bernard Holley

ALTERNATIVE EPISODE FOUR: Richard Franklin & Michael Ferguson


These commentaries contain no BBC copyrighted elements and do not feature audio from the episodes themselves.

Running Time: 125 minutes Two Audio CDs