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Lethbridge-Stewart Short Story Collection

Was released on 18 August 2018

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As well as many other stories, the book features young Alistair in World War Two, the 1970s Brig in action, and retired Alistair as he discovers the real nightmare of commuting. Customers are advised that this book will be a limited edition release.

The book includes eight exclusive short stories featuring Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart at various stages in his life. This is a chance for fans to see the Brigadier like never seen him before!


The eight featured stories are:


Shadows in the Glen by Richard Brewer

The Friendship Paradox by Thomas Firth

Special Responsibility by Gary Tinnams

Soldier in Time by Martin Gregory

The Man with the Red Case by Matthew Ball

The Brigadier Rides Again by Ross Hastings

In Machina Exspiravit by Anthony Robertson

Burning Daylight by Paul Chase