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the early 1970s, the BBC decided to launch a series of exhibitions featuring monsters and props from DOCTOR WHO.

Over the next three decades, untold thousands of children (and adults too!) were thrilled by a mix of innovative, exciting and stunning extravaganzas!

For many fans, these exhibitions were their first and only real chance to get close-up to their favourite TV programme … and the memories they share in this innovative documentary series are bound together by interviews with experts and people who actually worked at them!

Here’s your chance to experience the DOCTOR ON DISPLAY!

In the early 70s, the Marquis of Bath, on the lookout for anything that would encourage more visitors to his estate at Longleat, decided that DOCTOR WHO would be just the ticket!

In this production, we go behind the scenes in Wiltshire to reveal the story of DOCTOR WHO’s longest running exhibition, meeting the people who made it all happen, and those who visited … often many times a year!

There’s drama, celebrations, days out and fire! It’s all here!

Doctor on Display Volume 2: Longleat

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