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For 15 years, Doctor Who fought them all with the help of his plucky grandchildren John and Gillian, and more familiar faces like Jamie, Liz, Sarah Jane, Leela and, of course, Sant Claus!

The long-awaited fourth issue of acclaimed Doctor Who comics and artwork fanzine celebrates the weird and often wonderful TV Comic, Countdown and TV Action strips, and the equally colourful characters behind them.


Interviews with artists Bill Mevin, Harry Lindfield and Martin Asbury

We celebrate of the lives of the late artists John Canning, Neville Main, Gerry Haylock and Frank Langford, written with the full cooperation of their families

Scripters Roger Noel Cook and David Motton write about their Doctor Who work

Profiles of the strip’s other writers, artists and editors, including Tom Woodman, Alan Fennell, Dennis Hooper, Patrick Williams and Dick Millington

Brand new comic strips: the First Doctor, John and Gillian must avert The Trod Ivasion of Earth (written by Steve Lyons and drawn by Shawn Van Briesen), the Second Doctor faces the Return of the Piper (by Tim Quinn and Paul Cowan) and there’s trouble for the Third Doctor, in the epic Revenge of the Ugrakks (by George Mann and Paul Cooke)

Vworp Vworp Magazine Issue 4

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