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The Doctor's Note

Blake's Seven

To celebrate its 40th Anniversary, this is the definitive set of interviews with six of the team of actors who brought Blake’s 7 to life … plus a bonus interview with SFX creator Mat Irvine!

Lethbridge-Stewart: Short Stories

The book includes eight exclusive short stories featuring Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart at various stages in his life. This is a chance for fans to see the Brigadier like never seen him before!

Philip Hinchcliffe in Leeds

An Afternoon with Philip Hinchcliffe, the producer of the golden era of Doctor Who. Hear tales from the man who brought to screen such classic stories as Genesis of the Daleks, Pyramids of Mars and Talons of Weng-Chiang. Headrow House, Leeds. Admission £10

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New releases

Doctor Who Magazine 530



DWM meets Jodie on the set of the new series: “I don’t ever forget what I’m a part of because Doctor Who’s been around much longer than I have. But every part of this experience is to make it my own.”


Also in this issue…



The latest update from Doctor Who’s showrunner.



Meet the team responsible for bringing the new series to our screens.



He’s best known for his sitcom appearances, but Matt Berry is reinterpreting the Doctor Who theme for his new record.



Secrets of the TARDIS control room revealed!



A meticulous recreation of the torn coat worn by the Twelfth and Thirteenth Doctors in Twice Upon a Time and The Woman Who Fell to Earth.



An interview with Christian Erickson, whose new concept album is inspired by The Caves of Androzani.



The Twelfth Doctor’s final DWM strip adventure comes to a shattering conclusion.



The Time Team watches four very different episodes in an effort to discover what the First Doctor was really like.



In-depth analysis of the 2006 Tenth Doctor story School Reunion.



The Blogs of Doom, reviews, news, a huge prize-winning competition and much, much more!


Doctor Who Weekly Issue 0: Facsimilie mock-up (SIGNED)


This is a facsimilie (warts and all) of the rough and ready paste-up that was put together by Dez Skinn to show the BBC what a Doctor Who comic would look like.


This special souvenir issue is signed by Dez Skinn, the first editor of Doctor Who Magazine


Fortunes of War (Sixth Doctor Adventure)


Colin Baker reads this original adventure featuring the Sixth Doctor, set in the First World War.


“You've seen what happens, Mark. You know what time can do if it's damaged.”


Travelling alone for once, the Sixth Doctor elects to return to Earth, and the First World War. There he must solve, once and for all, a mystery he unearthed in earlier incarnations. Someone has been interfering to alter the course of the war ― but to what end?


With Captain Mark Steadman and Nurse Annie Grantham, the Doctor travels to a forest in Germany, on a cold morning in November. At the heart of the forest is a massive temporal disturbance, and there he will rendezvous with whoever is behind significant changes to the accepted history of the Great War.


But the forces of Time bring other entities to the meeting place: terrifying, corporeal ghosts of soldiers from many centuries of battle. If the Doctor, Mark and Annie are to escape with their lives ― and return history to it proper course ― they will need help from unexpected quarters.



Classic Audio Book: The Dominators


Michael Troughton reads this gripping novelisation of a classic adventure for the Second Doctor.


The Doctor remembers Dulkis as a civilised and peaceful place. But times have changed, and his second visit is not quite the holiday he was expecting.


When the whole planet and its inhabitants are threatened with annihilation by an alien race, the pacifist Dulcians are more reluctant than ever to engage in acts of violence. None of them will lift a finger to fight the Dominators and their robot slaves, the Quarks.


The Doctor, Jamie and Zoe may be the only ones capable of intervening to save the whole planet.


Blake's Seven: 7 Stars Liberated from the Classic TV Series


To celebrate its 40th Anniversary, this is the definitive set of interviews with six of the team of actors who brought Blake’s 7 to life … plus a bonus interview with SFX creator Mat Irvine!


These seven documentaries are the best in-depth interviews with Gareth Thomas (Blake), Jan Chappell (Cally), Michael Keating (Vila), Jacqueline Pearce (Servalan), Stephen Greif (Travis), Peter Tuddenham (Zen, Orac & Slave) and Mat Irvine (SFX) ever undertaken.


Presented by “voice of the Daleks” Nicholas Briggs.


For all Blake’s 7 fans, this 2 disc special collector’s edition is 6 hours of pure nostalgia, which will give you a whole new insight into the making of your favourite science fiction series!


240: Hour of the Cybermen


Answering a call from UNIT, the Doctor arrives in London to find the streets deserted, apart from looters in possession of a valuable commodity - water.


Britain is suffering an extreme and bizarre drought. The cause is suspected to be extra-terrestrial.


The discovery of a signal being transmitted into space, and of a spacecraft whose crew are desiccated corpses, provides a possible answer. But the true enemy is an old foe of the Doctor’s.


The Cybermen have been patient, setting their plans in place over a number of years. As the final stage is implemented, in the darkest hour, the Doctor must identify who among his allies he can trust.


Written By: Andrew Smith


Cast: Colin Baker (The Doctor), David Banks (Cyber Leader), Mark Hardy (Cyber Lieutenant), Frog Stone (Riva), Blake Harrison (Daniel Hopkins), Wayne Forester (Atriss / Bill Parker / Captain Weaver), Russ Bain (Lewis Price / Kel). Other parts played by members of the cast.


Upcoming releases

The Women Who Lived: Amazing Tales for Future Time Lords (Hardcover)


From Sarah Jane Smith to Bill Potts, from Susan Foreman to the Thirteenth Doctor, women are the beating heart of Doctor Who. Whether they’re facing down Daleks or thwarting a Nestene invasion, these women don’t hang around waiting to be rescued – they roll their sleeves up and get stuck in. Scientists and soldiers, queens and canteen workers, they don’t let anything hold them back.


Featuring historical women such as Agatha Christie and Queen Victoria alongside fan favourites like Rose Tyler and Missy, The Women Who Lived tells the stories of women throughout space and time. Beautifully illustrated by a team of all-female artists, this collection of inspirational tales celebrates the power of women to change the universe.


Doctor Who: The Invasion OST (Vinyl)

invasion vinyl.jpg

The Invasion was an eight-part Doctor Who story made and transmitted in 1968. Written by Derrick Sherwin (from a story by Kit Pedler), it starred Patrick Troughton as the second Doctor and featured the Brigadier, UNIT, and the Cybermen in a “modern Earth invasion” Doctor Who story that became a hugely influential series at the time. At the helm was Douglas Camfield, one of popular television’s most maverick and talented directors of the 1960s and 1970s.

The music was composed by Don Harper, the third Australian émigré composer (after Ron Grainer and Dudley Simpson) to work on the programme. Harper’s soundtrack may have been influenced by John Barry’s score for The Ipcress File (1965). He uses the cimbalom in the score, and the artist was most likely John Leach (a.k.a. Janos Lehar), who played on The Ipcress File, King Rat and The Persuaders.

The release also features “Muzak” by John Baker (referred to as such in the cue sheets for episodes 1 and 2), which had its first outing in an Out of the Unknown episode.

The master tape of the music for ‘The Invasion’ was lost soon after transmission, but Harper retained a 7½ ips ‘composer’s copy’ that forms the basis of this release. Additionally, the score was augmented by extensive use of electronic sounds by Brian Hodgson of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop


Side A

1. Doctor Who (new opening theme, 1967)


2. The Dark Side of the Moon (Music 2 Variation)


3. The Company (Music 7)


4. Hiding (Music 8)


5. International Electromatics Headquarters (Music 3)


6. Muzak


7. The Cyber Director (Music 5)


8. The Cybermen, My Allies (Music 7)


9. Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart (Music 12a)


10. Plans for Invasion (Music 8)


11. Mysteries (Music 12)


12. Fire Escape (Music 11)


13. The Dark Side of the Moon (Reprise) (Music 2)


14. The Cybermen, My Allies (Reprise) (Music 7, looped)




Side B


1. Music 4 (Trapped in Gas Chamber - v. 1 & 2)


2. Music 9


3. Music 10


4. Music 13


5. Music 14


6. Music 15a


7. Music 15b


8. Music 15c


9. Music 15d


10. Music 15e


11. Music 15f


12. Music 15g


13. Music 15h


14. Music 16a


15. Music 16b


16. Music 16c


17. Music 16d


18. Music 16e


19. Music 16f


20. Music 16g


Electronic Score and Sounds


21. Part of TARDIS disappears


22. All of TARDIS disappears


23. TARDIS take off slow and painful


24. International Electromatics Headquarters Exterior


25. International Electromatics Headquarters Interior




Lethbridge-Stewart: The Laughing Gnome 1: Scary Monsters


Sir Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart is nearing the end of his life and has just buried another old friend. Feeling out of sorts, he is somewhat surprised to find himself in 1981. Some mysterious force has pulled him backwards in time, into his own past, an adventure he has only vague memories of...


1981: London, a bomb detonates in a London pub and Brigadier Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart is among the injured. Moscow, a hijacked plane sits on the airport runway and Major Grigoriy Bugayev leads the assault against the six gunmen holding the passengers hostage.


These are the triggers that set the two military men on an international manhunt. Their investigations converge and uncover a group of terrorists whose roots reach back to sinister Cold War experiments, and something that was unearthed in ancient ruins in the New Mexico desert by one Sophia Montilla… and Anne Travers.


Terror is a contagion. It means to spread. And humanity is set on doing everything in its power to help it…


The Black Archive 23: The Curse of Fenric


The dark curse follows our dragon ship.’


One of the last stories of Doctor Who’s original 26-year run, The Curse of Fenric is the first to make use of a Second World War setting. Complex and thoughtful, the story – and its various extended editions – draws on a range of sources and responds to a variety of social and cultural contexts. A vivid historical that stands on its own terms, The Curse of Fenric explores themes of history, maturation, progress, and collective action


Bernice Summerfield: Treasury


The Evacuation of Bernice Summerfield

 Considered as a Short Film by Terry Gilliam by Ben Aaronovitch

A lonely orphan on a vast transport ship meets some peculiar fellow travellers.


And Then Again

 by Robert Shearman

Who is Bernard Summerfield? What’s happened to his life? And why has he lost his spot in the company car park?


Misplaced Spring

 by Paul Cornell

The Braxiatel Collection is recovering from an invasion in a variety of surprising ways.


Solar Max and the Seven-Handed Snake-Mother

 by Kate Orman

Bernice is on an expedition to a remote site. She’s about to discover something unpleasant about her fellow explorers.


Walking Backwards for Christmas

 by Ben Aaronovitch

How did we get here? Bernice looks back at her life using a history machine.


The Least Important Man

 by Steven Moffat 

Gavin’s had a fairly miserable life, all of it watched over by the ghostly figure of a woman silently commenting.


Bernice Summerfield and the Library of Books

 by Andrew Cartmel

Inside an ancient library is an ancient secret. The secret is, of course, deadly, but it’s deadly in an entirely unique way.


A Mutual Friend

 by Terrance Dicks

Bernice Summerfield learns why you should always talk to the person you’re sharing a table with at a cafe.


Please note: Bernice Summerfield: Treasury contains adult themes and may not be suitable for younger listeners.

Cast: Lisa Bowerman (Narrator), Andrew Cartmel (Narrator)


Doctor Who:The Five Doctors OST (Vinyl)

five doctors vinyl.jpg

The Five Doctors, made and transmitted as a 90-minute special in 1983, was the 20th anniversary outing for the Doctor, seeing the incumbent Peter Davison joined by previous incarnations Richard Hurndall (standing in for the deceased William Hartnell), Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker. The latter declined to return in person so soon after he had left, so was represented by some footage from “lost” story ‘Shada’.

The spine-chilling and atmospheric music was composed by Peter Howell at the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. It was, in accordance with normal practice at the time, mixed in mono, so is presented here within a subtle mono-compatible stereo image.

In 1995, producer Paul Vanezis was contracted by BBC Video to produce a “Special Edition” of the story, extended beyond the original length (as determined by the transmission slot) and featuring updated visual effects. It was also decided to mix it in Dolby Surround (later updated to full 5.1 surround for DVD) so Peter Howell was called in to rework the music. Both versions of the score are presented on this release.


Track listing


Side A

1 Doctor Who - Opening Theme (The Five Doctors) / New Console

2 The Eye of Orion

3 Cosmic Angst

4 Melting Icebergs

5 Great Balls of Fire

6 My Other Selves

7 No Coordinates

8 Bus Stop

9 No Where, No Time

10 Dalek Alley and The Death Zone

11 Hand in the Wall

12 Who Are You?

13 The Dark Tower/My Best Enemy

14 The Game of Rassilon

15 Cybermen I

16 Below

17 Cybermen II

18 The Castellan Accused/Cybermen III

19 Raston Robot


Side B

1 Not the Mind Probe

2 Where There's a Wind, There's a Way

3 Cybermen vs Raston Robot

4 Above and Between

5 As Easy as Pi

6 Phantoms

7 The Tomb of Rassilon

8 Killing You Once Was Never Enough

9 Oh, Borusa

10 Mindlock

11 Immortality

12 Doctor Who Closing Theme - The Five Doctors Edit

13 Death Zone Atmosphere


Side C

1 The Five Doctors Special Edition: Prologue (Premix)

2 Doctor Who - Opening Theme (The Five Doctors Special Edition)/The Five Doctors Special Edition: Prologue

3 The Eye of Orion/Cosmic Angst (Special Edition)

4 Melting Icebergs (Special Edition)

5 Great Balls of Fire (Special Edition)

6 My Other Selves (Special Edition)

7 Nothing Can Go Wrong (Special Edition)

8 Bus Stop (Special Edition)

9 No Where, No Time (Special Edition)

10 Enter Borusa (Special Edition)

11 Enter The Master (Special Edition)

12 Dalek Alley and The Death Zone (Special Edition)

13 Hand in the Wall (Special Edition)

14 Recall Signal (Special Edition)

15 Who Are You? / Tell Me All About It (Special Edition)

16 Thunderbolts (Special Edition)

17 The Dark Tower (Special Edition)

18 My Best Enemy (Special Edition)

19 The Game of Rassilon (Special Edition)

20 Cybermen I (Special Edition)


Side D

1 Below (Special Edition)

2 Cybermen II (Special Edition)

3 The Castellan Accused/Cybermen III (Special Edition)

4 Raston Robot (Special Edition)

5 Not the Mind Probe (Special Edition)

6 Where There's a Wind, There's a Way (Special Edition)

7 Cybermen vs Raston Robot (Special Edition)

8 Above and Between (Special Edition)

9 The Fortress of the Time Lords (Special Edition)

10 As Easy as Pi (Special Edition)

11 I Hope You've Got Your Sums Right/ Phantoms (Special Edition)

12 The Tomb of Rassilon (Special Edition)

13 Killing You Once Was Never Enough (Special Edition)

14 Oh, Borusa (Special Edition)

15 Mindlock (Special Edition)

16 Immortality (Special Edition)

17 Doctor Who Closing Theme - The Five Doctors Edit (Special Edition)