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Official DVD-R Reissues from BBV
Summoned By Shadows
Written by Christian DarkinDirected and Produced by Bill BaggsMusic and Sound Design by Alistair LockColin Baker (The Stranger), Nicola Bryant (Miss Brown), Michael Wisher (The Controller), John Wadmore (Dane), Heather Barker (Tanya), Jon Sayers (The Interpreter), Helen Hewlett (Escaping Woman).
Battered by his experiences travelling through space and time, the mysterious Stranger has rejected his long time companion and is in self-imposed exile on a barren planet, where he determines to ignore the pleas for help from the victims of a macabre and strangely familiar Conjuror, who seems to have limitless power. But the Stranger soon finds he cannot ignore their please for long - just as he cannot ignore his own past...DVD Bonus:'Making of' documentaryInterview with Colin, Pip and Jane Baker.Coming of Shadows, an audio story by Stuart Robinson and James Potter.Cain and Able — sent by the Preceptors to break the Estrangement Programme and reclaim the mighty Soloman. But unknown forces are working against them. This story is set before the events of Summoned by Shadows.
More Than A Messiah
Written by Nigel FairsDirected and Produced by Bill BaggsMusic and Sound Design by Alistair LockColin Baker (The Stranger), Nicola Bryant (Miss Brown / The Girl), Sophie Aldred (The Girl), Peter Miles (Bernard Darton), Barbara Shelley (Charlotte Darton), Nigel Fair (Nic), Mark Trotman (Mark).
MAJUS XVII - a paradise world of plenty where interplanetary tourists can relax and enjoy life. But not for the retired Bernard Denton and his wife Charlotte, pleasure comes at too high a price. The Stranger and Miss Brown soon find themselves embroiled in a battle against nature itself as a mysterious girl displays an infatuated obsession with The Stranger.DVD Bonus:'Making of' documentaryInterview with Peter Davison and Mark StricksonIsolated scoreForce of Nature, an audio story by Stuart Robinson and James Potter.Arriving on a bleak planet with a poisonous atmosphere, Preceptor agent Cain and Able find their plans in ruins and need to use desperate mesures to rescue Soloman. But who is the traitor?
In Memory Alone
Written by Nicholas BriggsDirected and Produced by Bill BaggsMusic and Sound Design by Alistair LockColin Baker (The Stranger), Nicola Bryant (Miss Brown / The Girl), Nicholas Briggs (Minor).
The deserted dilapidation of a railway station is violently distorted by an unscheduled arrival. Something has travelled an unimaginable distance across space...The stations' reopening was not on the official timetable, but nevertheless the platform has been swept clean and things are back to... normal? A train is approaching, but it's sole occupant knows only one thing for sure — he doesn't belong here.
Waiting at the station is a woman... but what is she waiting for? Answers to questions she cannot even remember...
DVD Bonus:'Making of' documentaryStranger than FictionOuttakes 

The Terror Game
Written by Nicholas BriggsDirected and Produced by Bill BaggsMusic and Sound Design by Alistair LockColin Baker (The Stranger), David Troughton (Egan), Louise Jameson (Tamora Hennessey), John Wadmore (Saul), Nicholas Briggs (Raven), Nick Pegg (Norman Turner), Helen Hewlett (Woman).
At the dramatic climax of IN MEMORY ALONE, the Stranger made a desperate bid to escape from an alien environment. Unsure of his own identity, he submitted himself to a process which promised to put "everything in its proper place".But where is the Stranger's "proper place"? Just who is the Stranger?
After materialising in an alley behind a seedy night-club, the Stranger begins piecing together his fragmented past. As the disturbing evidence gathers and the memories return, it occurs to him that the hidden terrors of his previous life may be best left forever concealed.
DVD Bonus:'THE LAST 28' - a short film by Pip and Jane Baker and featuring Louise Jameson.Video diary
Breach of The Peace
Starring Colin Baker as The Stranger and David Troughton as Egan 
They are terrorists from another dimension. They have completed their mission on Earth and now they want to leave. But they are trapped - and they are desperate. In THE TERROR GAME, the Stranger discovered that he was Solomon, the leader of a Perceptor terrorist cell on an assassination run in this dimension. But he has decided to reject his violent past and has settled into a mundane, Earthly lifestyle. However, his fellow cell members, Egan and Saul, have assumed the identities of police officers to track Solomon down. In their ruthless determination to return to the war beyond our universe, they will let nothing stand in their way.
UNIT interview, Cast interview, out-takes, subtitles, extended scenes
Cert 15 Region 0
Eye Of The Beholder
Written by Nicholas Briggs
Colin Baker as THE STRANGER,  David Troughton as EGAN,  Geoffrey Beavers as HUNTER,  John Wadmore as SAUL,  Holly King as ROSE O'NEIL,  Bernadette Gepheart as META,  Alison Troughton as SHEILA,  Patricia Merrick as MAJOR DEVLIN, Nicholas Briggs as SOLDIER
Produced and directed by Bill Baggs
Creatures from a Dimensional Web who have taken human form to carry out acts of indiscriminate terrorism. Egan and Saul are committed Preceptors, but Soloman has renounced his calling. Now, wrenched back to Earth from the Web by some unknown force, the Preceptors stumble upon Metaphysic, a heavily guarded research project where they encounter Hunter and the talented Meta. As Hunter's experiment runs out of control, Egan finds that killing isn't easy when your emotions are being manipulated. To save the situation Soloman must revert to his Preceptor training, something he hoped he'd never do... order to survive he must kill...
Cast interview, Outtakes subtitles

The Stranger DVD Series (BBV)

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