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Mothers Legacy … Daughters Destiny … SADIE MILLER and DAISY ASHFORD share a bond.

DAISY is the daughter of CAROLINE JOHN and SADIE of ELISABETH SLADEN. As all fans know, CAROLINE portrayed scientist LIZ SHAW and ELISABETH journalist SARAH-JANE SMITH in the classic series of DOCTOR WHO!

In this touching and revealing documentary, NICHOLAS BRIGGS finds out what is was like growing up with such famous mothers and the heartbreak of losing them both so tragically early.

Also, in a strange twist of fate, it was NICHOLAS who was instrumental is approaching them about re-creating their mothers roles in the range of DOCTOR WHO audio dramas produced by BIG FINISH – a widely acclaimed move and a successful series of dramas followed.

What was their initial reaction to the idea? Why did they agree … and what do they think their mothers would have thought?This utterly unique production was filmed during the SPEARHEAD LIVE 2 convention at The Wood Norton near Evesham (location for the DOCTOR WHO stories SPEARHEAD FROM SPACE and ROBOT).

Day of The Daughters DVD

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