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Eden in 2129; the source of Vraxon

The jungle planet of Eden has been revealed as the source of the highly addictive narcotic Vraxoin, scourge of Earth’s colonies. In a bid to stem the flow of Vraxoin, Eden is designated a ‘haven world’, all settlers ordered to depart.

Aside from the Space Corps marines sent to combat the drug cartels that still thrive within Eden’s rainforests, the only humans allowed to remain are the holy sisters of the Convert of Saint Eve. But, though a presence since the first wave of colonists’ decades before, the nuns’ sanctuary is about to succumb to the deadly reality of life on Eden...

With Bob Baker’s blessing, the world of Eden, as glimpsed in the 1979 Doctor Who story ‘Nightmare of Eden’ is explored in this sequel, written by Ian Winterton and originally serialised as a back-up strip in Cutaway Comics ‘Omega’ title.

Together with artist Martin Geraghty, top drawer Doctor Who comics royalty, having drawn for Doctor Who Magazine’s main strip for over 25 years, the pair have realised the jungle planet of Eden and it’s deadlier than ever!

Special guest editor and publishing legend Dez Skinn has pulled this exciting one-shot together in the style of a gorgeous Marvel UK homage. Telling us what to expect he says: "Wearing my editor’s hat, I saw there was only one “demon” in the story, so the title change seemed obvious.

I’ve left the original story untouched though and simply framed it more in the style of my old [Doctor Who Weekly] issues, with a feature on Nightmare on Eden by Jeremy Bentham, a Photo-File on Bob Baker, a Crazy Caption competition, a colour diorama for the rub-down transfers, a Who Cares style letters column, with its obligatory young reader photos, A Letter from the Dezter, 1970s style spoof ads and the like".

Yes, you read correctly – there’s even some free rub down transfers thanks to Christian Tarpey’s ingenuity and Martin Geraghty’s artwork!

Demon of Eden (Cuttaway One-Shot)

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