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Complete Series 5 Box Set

Matt Smith and Karen Gillan star as the new Doctor and his companion in an all-new series of Doctor Who. 
1. The Eleventh Hour, 2. The Beast Below, 3. Victory of the Daleks, 4. The Time of Angels
5. Flesh and Stone, 6. The Vampires of Venice, 7. Amy's Choice, 8. The Hungry Earth, 9. Cold Blood 
10. Vincent and the Doctor, 11. The Lodger, 12. The Pandorica Opens, 13. The Big Bang


The Complete Sixth Series

starring Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Arthur Darvill, Alex Kingston
• A Christmas Carol • The Impossible Astronaut• Day Of The Moon • The Curse Of The Black Spot• The Doctor’s Wife • The Rebel Flesh• The Almost People • A Good Man Goes To War• Let’s Kill Hitler
• Night Terrors• The Girl Who Waited • The God Complex• Closing Time • The Wedding Of River Song
Special Features:
• 5 X Night And The Doctor Additional Scenes• 2 X Comic Relief Sketches• Commentaries• 4 X The Monster Files • 4 X Prequels • Trailers• 14 X ‘Doctor Who Confidential’ Cut-Downs• Doctor Who Confidential: A Nights’ Tale


The Complete Series Seven

Special Features:

Audio commentaries for: The Snowmen, Cold War, Hide and The Crimson Horror

"Prequels" for: The Doctor, The Widow and The Wardrobe, Asylum of the Daleks, The Snowmen (x3), The Bells of Saint John and The Name of the Doctor (x2)

Pond Life, The Making of the Gunslinger, Creating Clara, Behind the scenes featurettes for every episode

Additional featurettes: Doctor Who in the US, Last Days of the Ponds, The Science of Doctor Who, The Companions and Doctor Who at Comic Con


The Complete Series 8

The box set contains every explosive episode from Peter Capaldi’s debut series in the role and is also packed full of extras.


Peter Capaldi returns as the Doctor alongside Jenna Coleman with guests including Game of Thrones’ Maisie Williams. Now that the Doctor and Clara have established a dynamic as a partnership of equals, they’re relishing the fun and thrills that all of space and time has to offer. 


The Complete Series Nine

The DVD and Blu-ray contains all twelve episodes from Peter Capaldi’s second series in the role, with guest star’s Maisie Williams and Rufus Hound as well as the brilliant Missy (played by Michelle Gomez). The Complete Boxset also contains the 2014 Christmas Special, Last Christmas and The Husbands of River Song and more than four hours’ worth of special features.


The Complete Series 10

Peter Capaldi embarks on his thrilling final chapter at the Twelfth Doctor; joined by new companion Bill Potts (Pearl Mackie) and returning favourite Nardole (Matt Lucas). 


Episodes: The Return of Doctor Mysterio, The Pilot, Smile, Thin Ice, Knock Knock, Oxygen, Extremis, The Pyramid at the End of the World, The Lie of the Land, Empress of Mars, The Eaters of Light, World Enough and Time, The Doctor Falls


Doctor Who Extra: The Return of Doctor Mysterio, The Doctor: A New Kind of Hero, Knock Knock binaural sound, Becoming the Companion, Out of This World, …Who’s There?, Rona Munro – A Modern Classic, The Finale Falls, Inside Looks, Deleted Scenes, Audio Commentaries, Doctor Who: The Fan Show – After Shows, Doctor Who: The Finale Countdown


Time of The Doctor and other Eleventh Doctor Christmas Specials

The Time of the Doctor, The Snowmen (The 2012 Christmas special), The Doctor, The Widow and the Wardrobe (The 2011 Christmas special), A Christmas Carol (The 2010 Christmas special)

Behind the Scenes of The Time of the Doctor - We take a peek behind the lens on this cracker of a Christmas special. With Matt Smith, Orla Brady, Jenna Coleman, Steven Moffat, Danny Hargreaves, Jack Hollington, Sheila Reid, James Buller, and Elizabeth Rider.

Farewell to Matt Smith - Narrated by Alex Kingston, this compelling special looks back at Matt's extraordinary tenure as the Eleventh Doctor, featuring highlights from the show and copious interview footage with Matt, his cast mates, writers, producers, guest stars, and celebrity Doctor Who fans.

Tales from the TARDIS - A look back at the full, 50-year history of Doctor Who. Eleventh Doctor Matt Smith and past Doctors David Tennant, Sylvester McCoy, Colin Baker, Peter Davison, and Tom Baker tell what it was like to be the Doctor, how they got the job, and how it changed their lives. With companion actors Jenna Coleman, Karen Gillan, Arthur Darvill and more, this special offers a unique insight into the world's longest-running sci-fi series.


Twice Upon A Time

The magical final chapter of the Twelfth Doctor’s (Peter Capaldi) journey sees the Time Lord team up with his former self, the first ever Doctor (David Bradley) and a returning Bill Potts (Pearl Mackie), for one last adventure.  

Two Doctors stranded in an Arctic snowscape, refusing to face regeneration. Enchanted glass people, stealing their victims from frozen time. And a World War One captain (Mark Gatiss) destined to die on the battlefield, but taken from the trenches to play his part in the Doctor’s story.


Extras: Doctor Who Extra, The End of an Era, Doctor Who Panel: San Diego Comic-Con 2017



DVD: Eleventh and Twelfth Doctor

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