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Iris Wildthyme Books

Iris Wildthyme related novels and short story collections


A Clockwork Iris contains the following short stories:

Aaron Starum – The Woman who Sold the Moon

Christopher Bryant – Being

Ian Charles Douglas – Rattus Erectus

Jenna Burtenshaw – Tik Tak, Snik Snak

Jon DeCles – Parsley, Sage,Rosemary and Wildthyme

John Alice – Iris and the Airship

Mark Latham – Petit Fours, Petite Morte

Matt Bright – Iris and the Dame

Paul Driscoll – The Story Sorters

Simon Brett – Timepeace

Liesel Schwartz – Another Clockwork Iris


A Celestial Omnibus contains the following short stories:

Iris Wildthyme short story collection

Introduction by Katy Manning
A Gamble with Wildthyme by Steve Lyons
Sovereign by Mags L Halliday
The Unhappy Medium by Mark Wright and Cavan Scott
Future Legend by Stuart Douglas
Battleship Anathema by Philip Purser-Hallard
The Dreadful Flap by Paul Magrs
Not a Drop by Steven Wickham
Iris Wildthyme y Señor Cientocinco contra Los Monstruos del Fiesta by Cody Quijano-Schell
Why? Because We Like You by Jonathan Dennis
The Scarlet Shadow by Stewart Sheargold
Only Living Girls by Steven Cole


In The Polythene Terror:

EXILED by her own mysterious people to Earth in 1976, IRIS WILDTHYME and her best friend PANDA are soon embroiled in a terrifying adventure involving RUBBISH MEN!


Iris 15 contains the following short stories:

The Ninnies on Putney Common – Paul Magrs

Gimme Shelter – Eddie Robson

Time to Exist – Andy Smillie

Party Fears Two- Stuart Douglas

God Engine Rhapsody – Julio Angel Ortiz

Project: Wildthyme- Cav Scott and Mark Wright

Our Tune – Ross Douglas

The Wildthyme Effect – Nick Campbell

Ouroboros – Neil Chester

In Passing – Nick Wallace

Iris at the V&A – George Mann

The Golden Hendecahedron – Cody Quijano-Schell

Samsara – James Manley-Buser

Iris and the Caliphate – Eric Brown

Mix Her Own Adventure – Patrick Magee

Scream in Blue – Dave Hoskin

Dog Days of Summer – Roy Gill


In Lady Stardust:

Up the Hill Backwards by Nick Campbell 

Low/Profile by George Mann

Hang onto Yourself by Paul Magrs

Slip Away by Scott Liddell

Cracked Actor by Stewart Sheargold 

Modern Love by Alan Taylor


Femme fatales emerged from shadows To watch this creature fair

Iris Wildthyme and David Bowie – it’s the ideal match, a dream come true! Seriously – what could possibly go wrong?


In Ms Wildthyme & Friends Investigate:

The Found World – Jim Smith

The Irredeemable Love – Nick Wallace

Elementary, My Dear Sheila – Cody Quijano-Schell

The Shape of Things – Stuart Douglas


When Edward Malone discovers a peculiar yellow bottle on the banks of an ancient South American river, it takes the combined efforts of Professor Challenger, the Manleigh Halt Irregulars and Señor 105 to keep the contents safely under wraps. And that’s before Miss Iris Wildthyme sticks her nose in…

Time for Miss Wildthyme and friends to investigate!


In Iris Wildthyme of Mars:

The Red Planet. Everyone agrees about the colour, at least. The rest is up for grabs. Is Mars a dead and sterile desert, or teeming with life? Are Martians red, green or blue? Nubile and lithe, or monstrously tentacular? Are they long gone, or waiting still? How do they feel about visitors? Will we become the Martians? What kind of a world might we build on Mars? What myths, new or old, might we create there? Oh – and how many different colours can you put in front of “Mars” to make a clever title? These Marses are of course incompatible, contradictory, and in many cases quite impossible. And Iris Wildthyme has visited them all.


In Wildthymes on the 22:


Raiding Iris’ diaries this time around are…

The Heart Pendulums – Steve Cole

Rain and Regency – Neil Chester

Iris Wildthyme & the Bush Offensive – Stewart Sheargold

Drowned in Moonlight – Kenneth James McGowan

The Most Faithful Panda in the World – Richard Wright

Hillbilly Heavens – Brad Wolfe

The Haberdasher’s Tale – Brendan Jones

The Exploding Somewhat Inevitable – Philip Marsh

The Brightest Stars in the Demimonde – Matthew Bright

Starstation to Starstation – Jon Wesley Huff

The Magrs Conundrum! – Vivienne Fox

Untitled No. 22 – Cody Schell

Iris Wildthyme (Books)

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