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Longleat 83

In 1983 to celebrate the 20th anniversary, the BBC hosted the biggest and most ambitious Doctor Who Celebration ever at Longleat in Wiltshire. This programme contains newly discovered footage of the weekend and new interviews with both guests and attendees sharing their memories of the occasion.

This new extended DVD version contains raw footage of the complete interview panels from the event- including Patrick Troughton, Peter Davison, Tom Baker and Jon Pertwee among many others..


Longleat 83: The Lost Footage

In April 1983, Roger Stevens and James Russell were given “Access All Areas” passes to the BBC’s Doctor Who celebrations at Longleat. Armed with a Ferguson Videostar camera they set out to record as much of the event as they could. While the BBC’s official footage amounts to only a few minutes for news broadcasts, James and Roger recorded several hours, and their material includes interviews with both Patrick Troughton and Tom Baker.

Some of this material has been used in other productions, but the original tapes were thought to be lost forever – until recently rediscovered. So now enjoy another chance to take a trip to Longleat in 1983. The sound may not be perfect and the pictures come from ageing VHS tapes – but the atmosphere is unmistakable. So avoid the queues, and get to the front of the line with a trip down memory lane!

Longleat 83 (DVD)

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