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There’s a story told throughout the universe. From the dawn of history to its dying days, you’ll find someone telling it. The story of the traveller in the blue box. The story of the Doctor.

No one knows the power of stories more than the Doctor who has been in so many. But for Valarie, this is all new. She’s about to learn how a story can save a life, forge a civilisation or even rewrite reality itself.

4.1 All of Time and Space by Ellery Quest
As concepts for shows go, it’s a good one. An adventurer and his friend travelling through all of time and space, righting wrongs and defending those who can't defend themselves. Yet, as its creator is about to discover, there are those who'd rather this show never existed.

What’s so dangerous about ‘Doctor Who’?

4.2 The Yearn by Angus Dunican
The people of Medrüth are under siege. Forced into underground bunkers, the Medrüthians are desperate for a way to escape. When the Doctor and Valarie arrive, it seems like they’ve finally got everything they wanted. Except, that's when the nightmares really begin.

4.3 Curiosity Shop by James Goss
Mr Foreman owns a junkyard. He doesn’t get many visitors. In fact, all anyone ever seems interested in is Barbara.

One woman informs Mr Foreman she knows the truth about Barbara, that she went on impossible adventures with a man called the Doctor. This woman, this Valarie, will do anything to be reunited with Barbara and the Doctor. Even if it kills her.

The Doctor Chronicles: The Eleventh Doctor Volume 4 - All of Time and Space

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